Zetron’s Pathway+ Combines Multiple Radio Interfaces into a Single Platform

Zetron’s Pathway+ radio gateway combines the interface flexibility of all the Pathway radio-gateway products into a single platform. This enables communications across a range of radio resources and sites, and also helps control costs and ensure the continuity of operations as radio systems migrate to newer technologies.

Redmond, WA, U.S.A., August 3, 2016 – Zetron’s Pathway+ radio gateway combines the Project 25 (P25) Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI), analog 4-wire interface, and Motorola Quantar and other Motorola V.24 interfaces in a single platform. This expands the reach and flexibility of radio communications, ensures that they will continue uninterrupted as systems migrate to Internet Protocol (IP) radio networks, and helps control migration and system-update costs.

Pathway+ acts has a communication bridge that operates over IP networks while replacing proprietary and legacy network connections. It allows for two-way communications between base stations and DFSI-connected consoles, regardless of the manufacturer or age of the equipment. This makes Pathway+ a powerful tool for agencies that are not ready to invest in fully upgrading their voice communication systems.

Pathway+ also supports the following features and functionality:

  • Using the DFSI, Pathway+ allows four dispatch console systems to share a single radio channel. Other manufacturers’ gateways allow only one console system to use a channel.
  • Because it works with any manufacturer’s dispatch console that utilizes an open-standards-based TIA P25 DFSI-compliant connection, Pathway+ is compatible with both Zetron and non-Zetron solutions.
  • The ability of Pathway+ to support geo-diverse operations allows a single console system to be shared by multiple agencies or jurisdictions or used for disaster recovery.
  • The incorporation of multiple radio interfaces into a single unit helps ensure the continuity of existing subscriber radios, even as legacy radio systems are migrated to newer IP radio networks.

“With Pathway+, when users are ready to migrate their radio system to P25, their infrastructure and control-room equipment is ready to support that migration without incurring additional costs,” said Zetron product manager, Jim Lyon. “This gives users a very cost-effective way to adopt radio system upgrades, allowing them to make these transitions without requiring a complete changeover of subscribers, radio infrastructure, and control-room equipment.”

About Zetron

Zetron has been designing and manufacturing integrated mission-critical communications systems since 1980. Its offerings include IP-based dispatch, NG9-1-1 call-taking, voice logging, IP fire station alerting, CAD, mapping, video surveillance and security integration, and automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems. They are expandable, interoperable, and able to support geo-diverse operations. What’s more, Zetron backs its products with technical support, training, and project-management services known for their skill and responsiveness. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and a global network of partners, resellers, and system integrators, Zetron has installed thousands of systems and over 25,000 console positions worldwide. Zetron is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVCKenwood Corporation. For more information, visit: www.zetron.com.