Optimizing communications where and when they matter most

Zetron is a trusted, worldwide leader in technology solutions for public safety, federal government, transportation, utilities, natural resources, healthcare, academic institutions, and other markets where communications are the lifeblood of critical operations.

From centralized command and control systems to distributed land mobile radio solutions and more, Zetron provides a complete end-to-end mission critical communications platform. Unrivaled in interoperability, quality and reliability, Zetron’s integrated solutions improve the situational awareness, preparedness, efficiency and safety of both emergency response and commercial operations teams – from the control room, to anywhere the job takes them.

Zetron provides The Power to Respond™ and BE HEARD™ when and where seconds count, lives are at stake, and communications are truly mission critical. It’s ALL we do.


Every day, thousands of initiatives around the world are managed more effectively because control rooms have an improved ability to intake information, coordinate resources, and manage responses effectively. Every day incidents – measured in lives saved, minutes spared, costs averted, objectives achieved – all made better by Zetron.

From public safety emergencies to commercial needs for collaboration and managing corresponding actions, Zetron solutions empower integrated mission critical communications.