Critical communications for healthcare organizations

Zetron systems help our customers to orchestrate healthcare and integrate communications to all staff members. These systems greatly enhance communications in healthcare organizations where many tasks and operations are dispersed over a large area and patient and employee security are a core requirement. It is critical that these agencies have the ability to respond immediately and have command & control systems in place that are mission critical and interoperable with their existing infrastructure.

Patient & Employee Security is imperative!

Hospital control centers need a command-and-control solution where they can respond immediately and cannot rely on a single source of communications. These are complex environments that require mission-critical solutions that operate 24 x 7.

Solutions Used in Healthcare

Zetron solutions used to manage Healthcare communications include:

MAX Call Taking – 9-1-1 Call Taking Solution

  • MAX CAD – Computer Aided Dispatch & Incident Management Solution
  • MAX GIS Mapping – Integrated Mapping Solution
  • Mobile CAD – Mobile Computer-Aided Dispatch Solution

Many Public Saftey agencies are required to purchase equipment that is open-standards compliant. This is because products that adhere to open standards typically offer higher levels of interoperability and customer choice than products based on proprietary protocols.

Zetron is fully committed to the development and adoption of open standards, including Project 25 (P25), digital mobile radio (DMR), and Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA). For more information, see Zetron’s Commitment to Open Standards.