LMR Base Station / Repeater Platform

Our latest LMR platform combines next generation IP-based features with legendary reliability and performance

Cascade™ is the new software-defined P25/Analog base station/repeater that has been engineered from the ground up with a focus on IP-networked radio solutions. This all-inclusive package features two variable-power 100W P25 repeaters mounted inside a 4RU subrack complete with network interface and power supply.

The software at the heart of Cascade has been designed with the mission critical radio system user in mind, providing remote programming, diagnostics, logging and fault-management in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

The built-in P25 DFSI standards-based IP interface allows for the networking of multiple Cascade units into advanced conventional system architectures, such as voting and simulcast.

High Performance Hardware

Cascade continues our tradition of producing reliable hardware that exceeds public safety guidelines for LMR performance. A single 4RU rack can accommodate two IP-connected 100W analog/P25 repeaters, making it one of the most space efficient products on the market.

Core Features

Designed from the ground up to deliver all of the benefits of a complete networked system solution from a name that you trust

A networked product ideal for conventional voting and simulcast applications of any size. Native IP interface supports P25 Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI) protocol.

Dual 100W repeaters with IP interface and power supplies in a single 4RU rack footprint.

A simple, easy-to-use browser-based interface provides access to remote functions, such as configuration, diagnostics and alarming. Features also include on-board logging, automated failure mitigation and testing/calibration.

Hardware ready for Linear Simulcast Modulation (LSM) and future support of PH II Trunking.

Continuing our tradition of full compliance to industry standards, such as APCO P25 and various TIA published standards, allowing for interoperability with other compliant third-party products.

Cascade solutions are complimented by professional design, integration, implementation and support services that are customized to your application.


Repeaters are used to extend radio coverage and overcome geographical obstacles that obstruct communications. Implementing a repeater increases the ability to communicate.

Base station radios are used to communicate between a dispatch/command center and mobile or portable equipped radio users in the field.

The addition of advanced IP-networked system control to an MT-4E system enables use in Voting and Simulcast applications that correct gaps in area coverage without the need for additional frequency allocation or operational complexity.


The fully software defined VHF transceiver module has built-in IP interface and general purpose inputs/outputs. Remotely configurable and capable of operating in P25 digital, analog, or mixed mode.

A software adjustable linearized RF power amplifier provides 10-100W output and pairs with the Cascade VHF transceiver.

An internal power supply unit operating on -48VDC standard telecom site voltage provides dual independent regulated supply voltage to Cascade modules. External commercial power options are also available.

4RU 19” rack mount chassis with internal communications motherboard and removable front panel fan assembly. Front and mid-mount options are available.

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