P25/LTE Hybrid Solution

P25/LTE hybrid solution that leverages the strengths of both in a transportable package to provide secure mobile and fixed voice networks

With the power of P25 and LTE, Stratus™ integrates a VHF, UHF, or 700-800 MHz P25 repeater, Universal Interface Card (UIC) and LTE modem, linking instantaneously into established networks or creating a new communications network without requiring a hard wired Ethernet connection.

In just minutes, you can deploy a Stratus network solution consisting of a Stratus Repeater, Power Center and Rapid Antenna. The Stratus network automatically establishes connections with P25 subscribers, the Stratus server and P25 DFSI consoles.

stratus P25/LTE network connectivity

Reliable P25 Network Connectivity

Stratus provides reliable P25 network connectivity anywhere with cellular coverage on all major telecommunication networks, ensuring you’re never isolated from the network.

Core Features

Double Encryption

Provides double encryption with P25 AES and a highly secure VPN connection into your local area network.

P25 Network Integration

The open standard P25 interface enables interoperability with P25 vendor subscribers and networks.

Leverage LTE & 3G to Extend P25 LMR Network

Stratus™ is a deployable P25/LTE hybrid solution that leverages the strengths of both technologies to extend your LMR coverage.

Rapid Deployment

Lightweight and transportable design allows multiple Stratus repeaters to be deployed at sites by simply locating the repeaters in the required coverage area and powering on. Stratus repeaters will automatically link over an LTE network.


  • Stratus Repeater
    Instantly expand local tactical coverage with the deployment of a 30W Stratus Repeater. LTE backhaul allows for situational monitoring via a remote DFSI console from anywhere in the world.
  • Stratus Lite Repeater
    Benefit from the repeater functionality of the Stratus, with an upgrade path to LTE connectivity tomorrow.


  • MT-4E Transmitters
  • MT-4E Receivers
  • UIC-5-00
  • MT-4E Power Amplifier
  • Quick Swap Duplexer
  • Cellular Modem