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Fire Station Alerting

Smart activation with broader MAX integration

MAX Fire Station Alerting Preview


Zetron’s MAX Fire Station Alerting is a purpose-built system designed to integrate with standard CAD systems delivered as a simple solution allowing dispatching from a central site.  The system allows activation of the station alerting system to turn on lights, open doors, turn on fans, turn off stove, connect to a PA for alert tones and dispatcher voice, and sense other inputs (monitor station equipment and tire switches).  It includes built-in interfaces and shared components with MAX solutions such as MAX Call Taking, MAX CAD/GIS and MAX Dispatch creating an integrated command & control suite. With MAX Fire Station Alerting, you are buying more than an alerting system.

It’s More Than Alerting!

Fire Station Alerting requires a coordinated approach to communications. From notification alerts and voice announcements, to automatic door and fire station sensor activation, keeping everything in sync is critical to first responders receiving the most efficient response plan. Built on the same platform as MAX Dispatch, MAX Fire Station Alerting delivers a complete and effective alerting solution and information flow from command and control.

Core Product Features

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  • Support for both CAD and Operator controlled operations
  • Multiple zone lighting control (Fade-in and multiple colors available where supported by lighting controller
  • Alerts with ramp-up tones
  • Pre-recorded voice announcements
  • Live voice announcements
  • Multiple audio zones
  • Garage bay door controls and sensors
  • Entry door controls and sensors
  • Power controls for kitchen appliances
  • Additional relay controls available for unique functions (Sense Inputs)
  • Multi-Function Buttons Available
  • Meets the National Fire Protection Associations (NFPA) 1221 standard
  • Day-Night operations
  • CAD API available
  • Reuse of MAX Dispatch core code
  • Inherits the System Redundancies from MAX Dispatch – Hot Standby, dual network connections
  • Voice Logger Interface
  • Multiple Audio streams
  • Reuse of Analog MRG as an FSA Audio Gateway
  • Scripting interface allows flexible control and operations
  • Available as an added feature for current MAX Dispatch systems with an upgrade required


MAX Fire Station Alerting is fully field configurable and provides an interface for activation from your CAD.  Occupants or visitors at the fire house can notify dispatchers of pending emergencies and talk to dispatch on a secure line.

For customers needing a standalone alerting system or an alerting system integrated with another vendors radio dispatch console look at our IP FSA system.

MAX Solutions Product Service Plan (PSP)

Keeping your mission-critical system functioning at all times requires more than simply buying the right equipment. You need manufacturer-supplied services in place that will provide product feature updates and a quick and efficient resolution to any problems that might arise. Zetron’s MAX Solutions Product Service Plan does just that.

MAX Fire Station Alerting Urgent Communications showcase at IWCE!