Public Safety Software


Public Safety Software That Saves Lives

When lives are at stake you need to know you have a command and control system, you can count on.

Zetron has delivered thousands of integrated public safety dispatch systems for police, fire, EMS agencies, 9-1-1 emergency call centers, campus security, government agencies, and regional emergency operations centers worldwide. Our public safety solutions have earned a solid reputation for meeting the stringent requirements for Mission Critical Systems providing reliable, flexible, configurable, expandable, and easy to use products. Zetron’s public safety software suite–including NG9-1-1 call taking, computer-aided dispatch, radio & telephony dispatch, and fire station alerting systems are used by Public Safety agencies throughout the world. Zetron Public Safety communications solutions are available for purchase under a variety of government contract vehicles for your convenience.

Public agencies, institutions of higher education, political subdivisions, and non-profit organizations are encouraged to simplify the procurement process and reduce costs by leveraging state and national contracts. Click here for a list of contracts that include Zetron products and systems.

Zetron is ready today for FirstNet And Broadband Data Services!

Zetron command and control systems are ready to provide you with industry-leading technology solutions whether you are making the transition to FirstNet™ or leveraging other infrastructure services. Our systems continue to be compatible with industry standards as Public Service agencies leverage new technologies for voice & data services to improve situational awareness.

Our Suite of Public Safety Communications Systems include:

MAX Call Taking – 9-1-1 Call Taking Solution

  • MAX CAD – Computer Aided Dispatch & Incident Management Solution
  • MAX GIS Mapping – Integrated Mapping Solution
  • Mobile CAD – Mobile Computer-Aided Dispatch Solution

Many Public Saftey agencies are required to purchase equipment that is open-standards compliant. This is because products that adhere to open standards typically offer higher levels of interoperability and customer choice than products based on proprietary protocols.

Zetron is fully committed to the development and adoption of open standards, including Project 25 (P25), digital mobile radio (DMR), and Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA). For more information, see Zetron’s Commitment to Open Standards.