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Have the confidence your solution is backed by a company known
for the highest quality of customer care.

Services are readily available before, during, and after solution implementations covering warranty, maintenance, project management, training, security and financing.

On-Site Services

Zetron offers a range of on-site services that help ensure that systems are installed and configured to run optimally and to best support their operational needs. This is important because a system that is running optimally performs its intended functions and tasks effectively, reliably and predictably.

Zetron on-site services include
  • Configuration Services
    • System Software and Hardware Configuration Support
    • Configuration and test of Zetron System Components
    • Installation Inspection and Optimization
    • Assess and configure Your System
    • Re-Optimize Your System as New Features Are Added
  • On-Site Operator Training – In-Person or Web-Based
Zetron’s on-site services are available for
  • MAX Dispatch radio console systems
  • MAX Call Taking 9-1-1 telephony systems

Project Management

Organizational Structure

Custom Solutions are assigned to Zetron’s Project Office which reports directly to the President of Zetron. The mission of this office is to ensure that every project is implemented, managed, and completed to the customers’ total satisfaction. Our project management system includes processes that encompass all steps from task definition and resource management through system design, development, manufacturing, testing, certification, installation and configuration, site acceptance, customer support, on-going maintenance, and future enhancements.

Project Management Duties

Starting with a detailed requirements document and field surveys, combined with user and task analyses, Zetron’s Project Office oversees all phases of our systems projects. Zetron tracks all project elements with formal processes that establish and track milestones, schedules for deliverables, and resource utilization. Personnel, equipment, materials, subcontractor scheduling, installation, costs, and a host of other parameters are closely tracked to ensure the success of the project.

Zetron’s high level of technical expertise in system connectivity spans projects that have very different functional and application requirements. The successful completion of large system projects for customers around the world demonstrates our ability to manage large integration efforts.

  • Project reporting
  • Requirements definition
  • Task definition & tacking
  • Staffing and resource allocation
  • Material selection and equipment specification
  • Manufacturing & procurement of 3rd party components
  • Site preparation and compliance with any regulatory or environmental requirements
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Equipment staging and shipment
  • Systems integration
  • As-built system documentation
  • Equipment installation and integration
  • On-site acceptance testing
  • Commissioning
  • Operator and maintenance training and documentation
  • Maintenance practices
  • Remote and onsite diagnostics and troubleshooting
Support Services

Zetron’s efforts on behalf of our customers do not end when the project is completed and approved. We provide a complete suite of post-project support once the system has moved into its operational phase.

Individual support contracts can be established with each customer according to the system and the customer’s requirements. Support services include the following:

  • Training – system operation, installation, and maintenance, train-the-trainer
  • Replacement of equipment
  • Software upgrade services (local and remote)
  • Extended warranty coverage
  • Comprehensive service support 24/7/365
  • Local on-site service support 24/7/365
  • Help Desk


Zetron offers a diverse training program of technical and operation classes for our most complex systems. We provide MAX Solutions technical training on a regular schedule and support onsite and international training as requested.

Our audience drives our purpose. Whether we’re teaching technicians how to install, configure, and maintain our systems, or showing dispatchers, operators, or call-takers how to use our consoles and software tools, our goal is to ensure that trainees get the information they need to do their jobs.

Classes are kept small and utilize actual system equipment. Trainees receive plenty of hands-on experience with hardware and software configuration.

All classes are a combination of lecture and instructor-led demonstrations with plenty of exercises and hands-on practice along the way.

Each trainee receives copies of all training materials used in class, relevant product manuals, and a certificate of completion.

Of course, while we make every effort to deliver all scheduled classes, we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel classes at any time and to change instructors without notice. Zetron is not responsible for students’ travel or accommodation arrangements.


Technical Support

Zetron staffs a number of experts on the many product lines we sell including radio dispatch, emergency call taking, paging, trunking, SCADA and more. We pride ourselves on providing superior customer support and making every effort possible to get you in touch with a real human as fast as possible to assist you.

Our toll-free number is 1-877-284-4616 (press 3).