Complete portable workstation for MAX Dispatch


Complete all-in-one portable workstation for MAX Dispatch

All-In-One Mobile Command Solution

CommandIQ is an innovative portable workstation designed for robust functionality in a compact unit that’s easy to store, transport, and quickly activate to provide a fully operational workstation for MAX Dispatch from anywhere connectivity is available. The traditional audio handset combined with sleek touch screen operation gives CommandIQ the perfect mix of capability and mobility for temporary applications where traditional or permanent operator workstations aren’t convenient, practical, or necessary. The adaptable unit easily fits into a drawer, hangs on a wall, sits on any flat surface, or can simply be stored out of the way when not in use. But when needed, CommandIQ comes to life quickly, delivering all the functionality of a typical operator workstation in a highly durable, portable, and user friendly package.

CommandIQ Operation

The CommandIQ workstation includes the ATOM E3845 Quad-Core processor to provide high performance computing and graphics for running Zetron’s MAX system. For maximum reliability, the system is designed for completely solid-state operation, with no processor fans or rotating storage.

Core Product Features

Compact design enables portability for use at remote, mobile, or incident command sites.

Can be set it up in a lunch area, conference room, manufacturing floor, guard shack, or other remote locations away from the central communications center so personnel either permanently or temporarily in those locations can constantly monitor activity and even engage or dispatch as needed.

CommandIQ’s small physical footprint enables it to easily fit in existing work stations without having to add furniture, yet yet provides full access to all of Zetron’s MAX Dispatch system functionality.