MAX Dispatch

Broaden your console environment

MAX Dispatch

Broaden your console environment

Maximize Your Control

MAX Dispatch is a dispatch console solution designed to be easily implemented and supported by the Zetron dealer network. It includes built-in interfaces and shared components with MAX solutions such as MAX Call Taking, MAX CAD/GIS and MAX Fire Station Alerting creating an integrated command & control suite. This enables you to migrate to the full solution set as you have time and budget. Standard interfaces also exist with our partner vendor products allowing you to integrate MAX Dispatch console into your existing environment. With MAX Dispatch, you are buying more than a dispatch only solution.

Beyond Dispatch

With its intuitive and configurable UI, an industry leading set of radio interfaces and multiple broadband LTE Push-To-Talk over cellular interfaces, MAX Dispatch stands in a class of its own. And with a robust feature set of automated alerting capabilities and location services, public agencies, utilities and transportation authorities rely on MAX Dispatch to communicate with field resources, always knowing they have “The Power to Respond.”

What's New in MAX Dispatch 5.11

If a response status is late or fails, this feature ensures operators will be alerted. Designed specifically for the dispatcher, once an alert has been initiated, a response timer automatically begin a preconfigured countdown. If the alert is not acknowledged before timeout, audio and visual warnings will provide a safety net that prevents things from falling through the cracks.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) Messaging

Automatically transmit TTS voice messages over Event Triggered Action Stacks (ETAS) when an auxiliary input or output changes state. This can be configured with very specific scenarios in mind, keyed to single or multi-step event progressions based on the corresponding Aux I/O triggers.

TTS can be configured to broadcast voice announcements over PA or radio channels. This can work for administrative announcements, radio and pager tests, call buttons or even Safe Haven Baby Boxes, covering all manner of site-specific scenarios or test procedures.

Fire Station Alerting Alert Acknowledgement

Enhancing automated status and alerting capabilities, Stacked Actions can now be leveraged to show an alert has been received and a response has been initiated. When specified triggers such as pressure plates, proximity sensors, or mushroom buttons are tripped, the system can confirm that action has been taken, shaving off precious seconds that can mean the difference in saving lives.

Core Product Features

With a configurable, modern, intuitive user interface, that allows the dispatcher access to the appropriate resources with the system while reducing screen clutter and information overload.  The IP-based MAX Dispatch console can integrate a wide range of tools and resources into a single console system. This provides dispatchers with instant access to the information they need by displaying only relevant data to the incident they are working on. Through a simple drag and drop dispatchers can also communicate with assets that they seldom use. Multiple unique screen layouts can be created to meet the varying needs of your dispatch center.

MAX Dispatch will keep your vital operations up and running with redundancy for every end point. It can be set-up to provide the ability to tolerate any single point of failure with no loss of service.  Redundancy can be set-up to meet your specific requirements.

An essential part to managing events across departments or jurisdictions, MAX Dispatch console brings compatibility with all major radio interfaces and radio manufacturers equipment making it one of the most interoperable systems on the market.  Leveraging industry standards such as CSSI (analog & P25 conventional), EDACS, Smartnet/smartzone, P25 DFSI, DMR AIS Tier II & III, and NXDN, the system supports the robust radio communications offered on the market today. From Analog radios to Digital radios and using gateways or digital interfaces MAX Dispatch has a solution.

As broadband push to talk over cellular continues to be adopted, MAX Dispatch has a solution with direct integration to Kodiak Push-To-Talk (PTT).  This solution connects users using smart devices with console operators and users on land mobile radio solutions enabling the same robust call features that are standard in LMR systems today.

Finally, MAX Dispatch integrates easily with most CAD systems providing Application Programmer Interfaces to CAD systems to enable radio communications, AVL, and radio paging.

MAX Dispatch Integrates broadband Push-To-Talk (PTT) capabilities with cell phones enabling communications with dispatch and directly through to radios and radio talk groups.  This benefits both non-mission critical users (e.g. utilities, transportation, public works, schools, hospitality) and mission-critical users needing backup to LMR for indoor or extended-range coverage.

The MAX Dispatch console is designed for your needs now and into the future. You can easily add new dispatcher positions or new radio interfaces into your system. We are constantly monitoring the industry and adding new capability into MAX Dispatch.

MAX Alerting is an industry differentiator providing a new robust alerting feature set integrated into MAX Dispatch console that enables automated alerting capabilities for external agencies.  This includes fire stations, utility companies, public agencies, security companies, schools, road crews, and transit authorities.  Added to the console is an industry leading set of alerting capabilities such as ramp-up tones, pre-recorded voice announcements, live voice announcements, lighting controls, garage bay door controls & sensors, and relay controls for other unique functions.  No other solution in the market provides both voice dispatching and full alerting capabilities packaged together exposing data and voice interfaces for CAD and other third party systems.

Keeping your mission-critical system functioning at all times requires more than simply buying the right equipment. You need manufacturer-supplied services in place that will provide product feature updates and a quick and efficient resolution to any problems that might arise. Zetron’s MAX Solutions Product Service Plan does just that.