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On-Site Services

Zetron On-Site Services

Zetron offers a range of on-site services that help ensure Zetron systems are installed and configured to run optimally and to best support the operational needs of customers. This is important because a system that is running optimally performs its intended functions and tasks more effectively, reliably and predictably.

Zetron on-site services include:

  • Configuration Services
    • System software and hardware configuration support
    • Configuration and testing of Zetron system components
    • Installation inspection and optimization
    • System assessment and configuration
    • Re-Optimization of system as sew features are added
  • On-Site Operator Training (In-Person or Web-Based)

Zetron’s on-site services are available for:

  • MAX Dispatch Radio Console Systems
  • MAX Call Taking Next Generation 9-1-1 Systems

For more information on any Zetron On-Site Services, please contact