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Work with an accomplished team that has the experience delivering solutions to multiple industries and international markets with implementations in Public Safety, Campus Security, National Security, Utilities, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Airline and Airports, Maritime, Harbor and Port Authorities, Rail and Mass Transit, Border Patrol and Government agencies. Zetron has delivered over 25,000 operator positions installed in over 70 countries.

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Public Safety

Zetron’s integrated command and control systems allow Emergency Call Centers to streamline their operations by increasing efficiency and providing reliable, flexible and simplified solutions.

  • Police, Fire, & Medical Emergency
  • Campus Security
  • Government Agencies

Our solutions are designed from the ground up as mission critical where products and their components are rigorously tested and certified before ever reaching a control center.  Zetron understands what is at stake and backs its products with the quality that is required to exceed public safety grade solutions.

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Zetron’s integrated command and control systems serve at the heart of control rooms around the world in:

  • Aviation (Airlines and airports)
  • Maritime (Port Authorities, Carriers Costal Surveillance)
  • Mass Transit & Rail
  • Surface Transportation

Zetron provides integrated and reliable radio, telephony and data dispatch solutions to safely transport people and cargo, seamlessly and efficiently. From airports and rail, to maritime and fleet management, our tailored and customizable GUIs enhance situational awareness and improve operational effectiveness.

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Utilities & Natural Resources

Zetron’s integrated command and control systems keep you connected and help streamline your operations.  Our solutions provide support for the complex demands of consumers and regulatory requirements, without sacrificing safety

  • Electric & Gas Utilities
  • Oil & Gas Operations
  • Mining Operations

Utilities and Natural Resource operations all have one thing in common, remote field resources that require connection, orchestration, and information from a centralized operation center.  Coordination of work events over large geographical areas and a need for emergency response highlight the requirement for a reliable integrated radio, telephony and data communication solutions to keep your operations running smoothly and safely.

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Zetron’s integrated command and control systems give healthcare facilities and staff safe and secure solutions to better manage incidents and emergencies, giving visitors a higher quality experience.

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Facilities
  • Ambulance Services

Connect your centralized communication center to staff and supporting resources to prevent incidents and respond quickly should they occur.  When you have a command and control solution that connects, organizes, and informs you create a safer environment for you patients and employees.  From patient transport, reception, facilities, and building maintenance keep your operation running efficiently and securely with a solution that gives you the power to respond.