Mission Critical Solutions

Integrated communications enabling efficient, informed, and coordinated response

Mission Critical Solutions

From facilitating the entire emergency response continuum for public safety agencies, to connecting the control room with vital field personnel and operations in commercial organizations, Zetron solutions empower efficient, reliable and integrated mission critical communications.
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Zetron solutions are utilized across a variety of industries where centralized communication intake, triage, and handling are vital to the efficient initiation and management of mission-critical situations.

When voice, text, and/or multi-media data is received, how quickly and accurately the information can be assimilated, routed, and communicated across disparate channels can be a matter of business success, or life and death.

In emergency response and critical commercial operations, first responder and field personnel efficiency, effectiveness and safety are all dependent on the reliability and quality of distributed communications, whether responding to a medical emergency in a rural area, fighting a wildfire across rugged mountainous terrain, or tending to down power lines during a storm, communications simply have to work all the time.

Solutions that keep you
always on, always ready.

Zetron provides highly interoperable and configurable solutions at the intersection of Command & Control, Land Mobile Radio and Broadband. Our mission critical communications systems are designed to improve situational awareness, deliver reliable communications for emergency and non-emergency response teams, and provide uninterrupted connectivity to field personnel wherever the job takes them. Learn more about our fully integrated end-to-end mission critical communications solutions below.

Zetron’s integrated systems bring together voice and data communications to create improved situational awareness for critical, complex and time-sensitive command and control center functions. Designed from the ground up for unrivaled reliability, Zetron solutions feature highly intuitive user interfaces, complete configurability, industry leading interoperability and robust built-in workflows that facilitate more informed and efficient decision making, enabling teams to respond faster, arrive smarter and return safer.

Zetron’s Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems are designed to support the unique needs of mission critical communications in any environment. With a variety of fixed, transportable and networked base stations, repeaters and related communications equipment, Zetron’s LMR systems feature industry leading durability, reliability and interoperability to deliver uninterrupted communications across any terrain, elevation or geography.