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Utilities & Natural Resources

Zetron’s Command and Control solutions offer control room staff and dispatch operators the ability to communicate.

Whether it’s operations, maintenance staff, supervisors, or emergency teams in the field our command and control solutions are there. Our fully customizable GUIs are tailored to ensure situational awareness, efficient decision making and enhanced safety.  Zetron Solutions enable you to scale cost-effectively, while optimizing your operations today and into the future.


Utilities require a reliable command and control system that provides the ability to expand and adapt to meet their unique requirements. Utility control room personnel must also manage a host of extremely complex, mission-critical operations and processes and there is zero tolerance for failure. Often they are spread over a wide geographical area and include remote sites and require careful monitoring to ensure the safety and security of their operations and personnel as well as the environment.  Our solutions are tailored to suit the specific needs of utility control rooms providing the flexibility to respond to dynamic operational requirements.   Zetron communication systems provide a central command-and-control point through which utility and energy operations can:

  • Manage and coordinate schedules, work crews, safety and maintenance staff, and other field staff and operations.
  • Automatically monitor systems and process.
  • Quickly and efficiently coordinate emergency efforts if and when they are needed.

Natural Resources – Oil, Gas and Mining

The Oil, Gas and mining control room personnel require capabilities to coordinate and communicate with vastly distributed resources to ensure safe and efficient operations as well as protecting the environment.  From pit/platform to port, Zetron integrated console systems are the leading solution helping to coordinate assets involved in production, bulk handling operations and transportation to port. Our solutions improve situational awareness and provide centralized management with site specific procedures for rapid coordinated responses to emergencies.   With technology changing at a lightning speed our scalable and interoperable platforms allow businesses to cost-effectively expand.

Ensuring Cybersecurity of Power and electric grids is imperative!

Following the Energy Policy Act of 2005, mandatory cybersecurity standards and regulations have been set forth by the Federal Energy Regulation Commission. Zetron understands the need for a robust security policy that protects command & control centers from cyber threats. As systems open up to IP and broadband technologies the threat continues to grow. Know that you have a company that is dedicated to security with solutions that are completely safe for mission critical command & control operations.

Solutions Used in Public Safety

Zetron solutions used to manage Public Saftey communications include:

9-1-1 Call Taking Systems
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Systems
  • MAX CAD – Computer Aided Dispatch & Incident Management Solution
  • MAX GIS Mapping – Integrated Mapping Solution
  • Mobile CAD – Mobile Computer Aided Dispatch Solution
Dispatch Systems
Alerting Systems
Zetron Supports Open Standards

Many Public Saftey agencies are required to purchase equipment that is open-standards compliant. This is because products that adhere to open standards typically offer higher levels of interoperability and customer choice than products based on proprietary protocols.

Zetron is fully committed to the development and adoption of open standards, including Project 25 (P25), digital mobile radio (DMR) and Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA). For more information, see Zetron’s Commitment to Open Standards.