Get Situational Awareness


Get Situational Awareness

International All-In-One

Zetron’s ACOM AutoMAX is designed as an international solution that combines ACOM Command & Control with a CAD-and-mobility suite to provide integrated communications between command-and-control and field resources. ACOM AutoMAX is best-in-class systems and software that work together to deliver dispatch communications (LTE & land mobile radios), computer aided dispatch, incident management, case management reporting, business intelligence reporting, and an integrated smart phone application. Expand your situational awareness and improve your response times with this packaged suite:


Zetron’s ACOM AutoMAX Suite

  • Zetron’s ACOM Command & Control
  •  AutoMAX Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  •  AutoMAX Mobile CAD
  •  AutoMAX Incident Management
  •  AutoMAX Case Management & Reporting
  •  AutoMAX App (iOS, Android, Windows 8, Tizen)

NOTE: This Solution is not available in North America.

Integrated Solutions

ACOM AutoMAX brings together the best solutions to solve the toughest problems. With a deep level of integration between command and control and field resources, incident response teams have “The Power to Respond.”

Core Product Features

  • Supports dedicated API integration with other ACOM AutoMAX applications.
  • Scales up to hundreds of positions.
  • Supports traditional and mobile dispatch.
  • Provides full redundancy.
  • Includes a feature-rich, customizable graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Interoperates with current and legacy radio and telephony systems.
  • Supports most open-standards interfaces, including TETRA, Project 25 (P25), and Digital Mobile Radio (DMR).
  • Supports AES and DES encryption (including FIPS 140-2, Key Management and Key Fill Device support).
  • Supports SNMP for network-management reporting.
  • Integrates CAD, GIS and AVL capabilities.
  • Operators can make and receive calls from the AVL or CAD screens.
  • Displays incident location and nearest available unit.
  • Supports drag-and-drop dispatch.
  • Automatically assigns incident numbers.
  • Includes mobile-unit history search and reporting.
  • Utilises a variety of colours and symbols to differentiate call status and priorities.
  • Includes Prior Calls search function.
  • Includes an embedded escalation module that provides automatic notifications of incidents via fax or phone. Supports Automatic Voice Response and SMS messaging.
  • Vehicle-mounted mobile data terminal and hand-held terminal.
  • Receives incident information, status updates, maps, and route information.
  • Allows field personnel to update incident and unit status.
  • Supports ACOM AutoMAX Routing Navigator module which receives end user coordinates and are pushed directly from the ACOM AutoMAX CAD and Mobility Suite.
  • Allows field officers to run queries and background checks.
  • A “silent dispatch” feature, reduces radio traffic.

Configure screens to display any of these languages.

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Cyrillic
  • Latin Scripts

Also provides the ability to switch between two languages with the click of an icon if your operators use different languages.

ACOM AutoMAX Documentation