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Zetron Professional Services

Over 40 years of delivering innovative mission critical communications technology solutions has provided Zetron a wealth of knowledge in operational and functional best practices for communications centers. Zetron leverages that experience to provide valuable expertise, tools, and proven methodologies through specialized professional services for customers.

Professional Services are delivered and managed by Zetron subject matter experts and/or in conjunction with proven specialized partners to ensure a successful engagement, from planning and development to implementation and continuous improvement as needed.

Zetron provides bundled services packages as complete programmatic solutions to customers, as well as standalone services when there’s need to augment internal resources or operations with a single specialized component. Either way, all Zetron Professional Services are based on industry best practices, but always tailored to meet the unique requirements and situation of every customer.

Zetron Cybersecurity Program Services

Zetron provides cybersecurity services to public safety, local government agencies and other organizations to help defend critical systems and infrastructure from evolving and sophisticated cyberattacks. Customized, in-depth risk assessments are based on FCC, APCO, DHS, NIST and NENA best practices, and provide a prioritized, actionable recommendations roadmap to remediate vulnerabilities and help fortify network risk posture. 

Zetron also provides continuous monitoring and threat detection services designed specifically for public safety and other critical operations to identify threats often missed by other layers of security, helping detect new risks in real time before they become potentially costly vulnerabilities.

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Cyber Hygiene Training Datasheet  |  CyberBenchmark Datasheet  |  Cyber Incident Response Preparedness Datasheet

OverWatch Cloud Datasheet  |  OverWatch Datasheet  |  Rapid Incident Response Drills Datasheet


Zetron Quality Assurance (QA) Program Services

Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) need an effective, objective, and affordable, QA Program for 9-1-1 and CAD operations. Unfortunately, many ECCs aren’t adequately resourced to develop and manage effective quality programs, and not having a formal, well managed, and objective QA Program puts public safety agencies and the communities they serve at increased risk.

Zetron offers a complete range of configurable services to help develop and implement a new QA program, or augment and improve a program already in place.

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