REACH Solutions

Remote emergency communications

REACH Solutions

Remote emergency communications

Remote Emergency Call Handling & Dispatch

Emergency Communications Center (ECC) workplace standards and operational requirements have changed. External influences, including a worldwide pandemic, turned upside down the conventional notions of what makes an emergency services working environment safe and steadfast. New distancing and disinfecting requirements along with erratic call volumes and personnel shortages have aggregated to make the conventional ECC operating plan obsolete. The new paradigm requires critical communications systems that give emergency services personnel the flexibility to perform their vital services remotely, safely and efficiently. Zetron REACH Solutions empower MAX Call Taking and MAX Dispatch users to access the full functionality of the same call handling and dispatch applications they use at the center, even when they aren’t.

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Call taking and dispatch on the go

REACH places the power and flexibility of MAX Call Taking and/or MAX Dispatch in an easily packed, transportable and remotely deployable package, so emergency services personnel have full access and functionality to fulfill their vital roles from wherever they need to be.

Core Product Features

REACH Solutions enable ECCs to easily extend the “reach” of their core operational functions, taking emergency communications to remote locations as needed, without compromising system continuity or limiting the capabilities typically available to team members – whether sitting in the center, a building across town, or their living room.

While packing up a full multi-monitor console positon from the communications center isn’t pragmatic in most remote work scenarios, having a lightweight, easily packed and highly transportable package of components that enables the quick deployment of a fully functional workstation outside the center should be, and is with REACH.

Remote access to communications center applications requires connectivity and how the remote connection is established can vary based on an agency’s policies, preferences and support capabilities. So there are different REACH package options to accommodate different requirements and a remote work solution can be suited to agency connectivity requirements, rather than the other way around.

Because REACH offers accessibility to the same highly configurable MAX Solutions utilized in the center, ECCs are empowered to tailor the user interfaces of remote workstations to accommodate unique handling, queuing, messaging or other special feature requirements for remote stations as needed.

The REACH connection gives remote users access to all the same features. So off-premise workstations set-up with either full or partial console capabilities (based on licensing) share the same application operation and functionality as those in the center.

Accessories that enhance remote user efficiency, ergonomics and usability are easy to add to any REACH package, including additional monitors, external keyboard/mouse, foot switches, microphones, etc.

For more information on Zetron’s REACH Solutions for MAX Call Taking and MAX Dispatch, download the information sheet.