The best outcome results from managing incident information

Next-Level Situational Prepardness

MAX Computer Aided Dispatch is an integrated public safety solution that manages incident information. This includes what, when, and how an incident occurred, who is involved and where and how the response is taking place.  It is a best-in-class modular public safety Computer Aided Dispatch, GIS mapping and AVL solution, providing the right balance between features and cost.  MAX CAD and MAX GIS are scalable and intuitive solutions designed to be easy-to-use, easy-to-administer, and build with public safety dispatchers in mind.  The solution includes the control room CAD, an in-vehicle or mobile CAD, and an advanced GIS map and management suite.  It leverages open-standard interfaces with RMS/JMS packages, NCIC and additional third party applications.  It includes built-in interfaces and shared components with MAX solutions such as MAX Call TakingMAX Dispatch and MAX Fire Station Alerting creating an integrated command & control suite.  This enables you to migrate to the full solution set as you have time and budget.


Situational Awareness Saves Lives

With the ability to capture critical incident information and immediately sharing it with first responders in real-time, can cut response times and improve the effectiveness as responders arrive on scene. Integrated command and control systems create a more efficient flow of information, making a difference when every second counts.

Core Product Features

MAX CAD integrates into the NG-911 environment and is future proofed to accommodate future consolidation through a scalable architecture with the ability to add more workstations and locations. Multi-jurisdiction and multi-agency workflows are supported as the number of communities and agencies served by the PSAP increase.

MAX CAD is optimized to allow CAD operator incident assignments based on roles and responsibilities. With screens that can be optimized to assigned roles, call takers can focus on the responsibility of answering and responding to emergency requests, while dispatchers can focus on the need to manage and respond to incident resources. Workspace can be customized based on operator preferences greatly simplifying incident tracking, management, and data based dispatching.

Deployable standalone and/or in conjunction with MAX or third-party dispatch systems save space and promote ease of access/use for dispatchers.

MAX CAD is designed with efficiency allowing operators to open, close, reopen, void, merge, and clone incidents. Ability to manage incidents from multiple data types (user names, address, status, date, time, etc.) and automatically recommends resources based on location, capabilities, and status. Shared incident information with Mobile CAD users and robust ability to search open or closed historical incidents.

MAX CAD can be configured by the CAD administrator to meet current and evolving agency requirements. This allows the application to grow and change along with PSAP. Local administrative control also reduces support costs and allows local customization without customized CAD development.

The clean, intuitive design of the graphical user interface (GUI) makes the system easy to learn and use. The MAX CAD screen supports a customized, administrator enabled, PSAP workflow by personalized call queues and a configurable CAD screen that changes both layout and color scheme base on dispatcher preference.

MAX CAD automatically populates incoming E-9-1-1 information, performs NCIC queries/searches, and includes optional interfaces to RMS applications, protocol-integration solutions, and other third-party databases. This allows agencies to integrate third-party medical and disaster Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into MAX CAD. MAX CAD also provides robust integrations with MAX Call Taking and MAX Dispatch enabling a more efficient use of resources and operational efficiency.

MAX Mobile CAD works with MAX CAD to bring full CAD and mapping functionality into a vehicle or Windows mobile device. It gives first responders access to the same incident-history data and map files dispatchers and call takers are viewing, which improves the effectiveness and accuracy of the emergency response. MAX Mobile CAD offers easy access to critical tools, information, and resources, including detailed maps, GPS locations, National Crime Information Center (NCIC) data, Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) queries, and subject or vehicle information.

MAX GIS is integrated with MAX CAD to allow dispatchers to create incidents and dispatch from the map. The map is integrated with the CAD database to provide location specific information such as prior incidents at the location.

Keeping your mission-critical system functioning at all times requires more than simply buying the right equipment. You need manufacturer-supplied services in place that will provide product feature updates and a quick and efficient resolution to any problems that might arise. Zetron’s MAX Solutions Product Service Plan does just that.