The best outcome results from managing incident information

Next-level situational preparedness

MAX Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) is an integrated incident management solution that supports public safety organizations of all sizes. Keeping call taker’s workflows in mind, it streamlines information about what, when and how an incident is occurring, who’s involved and how the response is taking place. By capturing critical incident information and sharing it in real-time, MAX CAD provides better situational awareness for call takers, making processes more efficient and cutting down on response times.

Zetron MAX CAD

Respond faster and arrive smarter

MAX CAD is easy to use, easy to deploy and has unparalleled end-to-end response coordination. It helps cut response times and improves the effectiveness, making a difference when every second counts.

MAX CAD core features

Modular, configurable, and NENA NG9-1-1 compliant, components include CAD, mobile CAD, advanced geographic information system (GIS) management suite and automatic vehicle location (AVL) module. These components can be bundled or integrated ad-hoc for additional cost savings.

Easily integrates with third party vendors and other MAX solutions including Call Taking, Dispatch and Fire Station Alerting. Bundling the solutions rounds out a fully integrated Command & Control suite and lowers costs.

The user interface is designed to be intuitive and customizable for individual workflows and call taker preferences. Additionally, a single click identifying incident type triggers automated field responder alerts and dispatching of appropriate resources. The system is easy to learn and use.

Provides incident assessments and recommendations based on roles and responsibilities, as well as available resources in the area. Recommendations are updated in real time. Administrators can also configure the system to meet current and evolving agency requirements, allows the application to grow and change along with needs.

NG 9-1-1 compatible and built to scale with future needs and requirements, with the ability to add more workstations and locations. Multi-jurisdiction and multi-agency workflows will continue to be supported as the number of communities and agencies served increases.

Built to meet individual state-level standards and requirements for greater accuracy and NG 9-1-1 compliant.

MAX GIS is combined with CAD to give call takers the ability to create incidents and dispatch resources from the map. Integrated with the CAD database it provides location specific information such as prior reports from the area.

Available for Windows mobile devices giving first responders access to the same incident data and maps that call takers are viewing, which improves the effectiveness and accuracy of the response.

Keeping your mission-critical system functioning at all times requires more than simply buying the right equipment. You need manufacturer-supplied services in place that will provide product feature updates and a quick and efficient resolution to any problems that might arise. Zetron’s MAX Solutions Product Service Plan does just that.