Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS)

Seamlessly joining radio and telephony channels — in the cloud, hosted or on-premise —connecting your control room to the community.

As demand continues to increase within critical control rooms, so does the need to manage and respond to the public quickly and across multiple contact methods. To scale productivity, telecommunicators integrated communications between radio, telephony, CCTV, access controls, tannoys, alarms and other advanced data streams.

Highly Configurable and Integration-Ready

Going beyond standard call handling with advanced contact management capabilities, Cortex is compatible with most third party systems and specifically designed to improve workflow and efficiency in emergency communications centers managing incident response with police, fire, EMS and other agencies.

Cortex ICCS Core Features

Built for flexibility, Cortex includes a highly configurable user interface to optimize workflow by designing screens to the unique needs of each center. Display only the information you need, where you need it, as large or small as you need it. Users can dock and tab together windows to create tailored views and details such as font size, background color and language can all be set by preference.

Designed by users for users, Cortex supports desktop or handheld applications and touch or keyboard/mouse controls to provide flexibility in how and where it’s used.

Supports many major telephony providers, including Avaya, Alcatel, CISCO, Unify, MxOne and more.

Open interface enables Cortex integration with most CAD systems.

Access and control live video feeds from within Cortex. It can also be configured to automatically screen shot a specific video feed associated with an input, such as a door entry button or telephone line.

Cortex integrates with new TETRA infrastructures and features, such as Priority Dispatch, Multi-Select talkgroups, text messaging, DGNA and Ambience Listening, and more.

Cortex Documentation