MAX GIS Mapping

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MAX GIS Mapping

Know your environment

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MAX GIS Mapping handles the entire mapping, addressing, and reporting needs of emergency response organizations.  These maps and integrated data provide a complete automated map-viewing system used by city, county, and state emergency response centers.  The solution facilitates integration with other departments and agencies and offers smooth interoperability with leading computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and geographic systems (GIS).

MAX GIS includes a Esri-based map viewer, optional AVL module, and map-editing and publishing applications that improve GIS file management. MAX GIS can operate as a standalone map viewer that uses ANI/ALI information to display an active incident, or it can be integrated with an active CAD incident and historical database. When the map viewer is integrated with the CAD database, it automatically maps the active CAD incident, enabling dispatchers to provide routing assistance and critical information to field personnel. The optional AVL module displays vehicle locations on the GIS map viewer. The AVL module can be integrated through an API to a Zetron MAX Dispatch console to allow map-based vehicle dispatch.


Precision mapping

Visual map location of field resources is crucial for any command and control center when responding to an incident. Leverage state of the art technologies to help you find and track your resources.

Core Product Features

Interactive tools make it easy to route roads and generate addressing according to your standards, as well as automate specific NG9-1-1 information such as Emergency Service Number (ESN) and Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) boundaries.

Deliver powerful Esri based map customizations leveraging the mobile map editor along with real time GPS tracking technology. Add the edition of addresses, road centerlines, and landmarks that can include street signs, utility poles and even fire hydrants. Import, convert other map data formats and synchronize with other map databases.

Instantaneously displays the mapped location, with or without aerial photographs, along with other mission critical information.  This information can include details on callers, residents, utilities, and other geographic information system (GIS) entities such as fire-hydrant locations, hazardous material, and historical medical and event data.  Dispatchers are able to quickly and efficiently provide routing assistance and important landmark information to emergency response personnel. Unlike other map viewers, MAX GIS supports unlimited map layers that can offer a richer array of local information, such as emergency escape routes, building schematics, fire hydrant locations, pre-defined helicopter-landing zones, local construction, and landmarks. The intuitive operator interface enables fast refresh, panning with local map caching, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan, Layer Selection to ensure desired map details are presented. Quickly navigate to map locations by Lat/Long, address, name, phone number.

MAX GIS is integrated with MAX CAD to allow dispatchers to create incidents and dispatch from the map. The map is integrated with the CAD database to provide location specific information such as prior incidents at the location. MAX Call Taking leverages the same map viewer to locate an incoming NG9-1-1 call where ANI/ALI location information is displayed. AVL integration is additionally available to enable the map viewer to display vehicle locations in a dynamically updated map layer.

  • Integrated with MAX CAD or MAX Call Taking
  • Track and display resources with AVL
  • Display with ANI/ALI location information or other third party locations such as RAPID SOS
  • NG 9-1-1 call locations

The optional map editor and publishing module allows map files to be created and administered locally. As a result, administrators can add locally relevant information to the GIS and update maps in response to changing local conditions. It also gives administrators the flexibility to make changes at their convenience.

Keeping your mission-critical system functioning at all times requires more than simply buying the right equipment. You need manufacturer-supplied services in place that will provide product feature updates and a quick and efficient resolution to any problems that might arise. Zetron’s MAX Solutions Product Service Plan does just that.