Zetron Partners with Tait Communications to Offer DMR Tier III Location Services Solution

Zetron recently worked with Tait Communications to develop a DMR Tier III Location Services solution that enables tracking of radio resources in the field. It greatly improves the ease and agility with which users can track their vehicles and workforce during dispatch scenarios.

Redmond, WA, U.S.A., March 4, 2016 – Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions worldwide, has partnered with Tait Communications to develop a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier III-based Location Services solution. Its seamless integration with Zetron’s MAX Dispatch system allows users to track their vehicles and workforce through their radio communications network and MAX Dispatch. This greatly improves their situational awareness and reduces response times.

The combined solution offers a range of enriched features and functionality. The MAX Dispatch user interface utilizes the Location Services solution to display a built-in, single-layer map that supports map data from Bing, Open Street, or ArcGIS Online. It also offers road and aerial views, depending on the map data used. Resources with GPS-equipped DMR mobile or portable radios can appear on the map as icons. Additional information that can be displayed includes indications of incoming Individual Calls and Emergency Alerts, and Location Data Accuracy.

The solution also improves dispatchers’ ability to monitor and manage events. They can simply click a mapped resource to answer an incoming call or initiate an outgoing individual call. A “bread-crumb” feature that uses recent past location data allows dispatchers to view where a resource has been.

“Zetron’s strong partnership with Tait adds a powerful feature set to the MAX product line,” said Zetron’s V.P. of Product Management, Gary Stidham. “A dispatcher’s ability to view and interact with resources on a map is a critical function of control-room operations. There’s no question that this will improve situational awareness and effectiveness.”

Paul Daigneault, Chief Operating Officer at Tait Communications said, “Solutions that add value to our customers’ LMR network are integral to what we do. Developing these with our long-standing partners like Zetron allows us to offer added benefits to help organizations improve their operations.”

About Zetron

Founded in 1980, Zetron manufactures and provides communications systems designed to equip the entire mission-critical control room. Zetron’s integrated solutions combine IP-based dispatch, NG9-1-1 call-taking, voice logging, IP fire station alerting, CAD, mapping, video surveillance and security solutions, and automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems. They are expandable, interoperable, and able to support remote and geo-diverse operations. Zetron backs its products with technical support and project-management services known for their expertise and responsiveness. Zetron has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and numerous field locations; and a worldwide network of resellers, system integrators and distributors. Zetron has installed thousands of systems and over 25,000 console positions worldwide. Zetron is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVCKenwood Corporation. For more information visit: www.zetron.com.

About Tait Communications

Tait Communications is a global leader in designing, delivering and managing innovative critical communications solutions that help our customers keep lights on, keep communities safe and keep cities flowing. Tait is about smart, practical and secure delivery and for over 50 years we have adapted with our customers. We have moved simply from designing, assembling and delivering our own mobile radios and mobile solutions, to a highly sophisticated company that has the skills, scale and scope to manage and deliver on a variety of solutions to best suit our customers’ needs. With our global network of trusted partners and dealers, we work with customers to manage existing systems and support their move to future products, services and applications.