Metro Trains Melbourne Selects New Command & Control System to Improve Transit Communications and Operations

Redmond, WA., April 23, 2019 – Zetron, a global leader in integrated mission critical communications technology, today announced that Metro Trains Melbourne in Australia has selected Zetron’s ACOM Command & Control system as the new primary communications platform for its Train Control Centre at MCS, METROL DRS, and Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Victoria.

The system will allow Metro’s drivers, operations staff, station staff and others who help keep the train system running each day to communicate more efficiently, through both voice and data.

Metro’s communications systems are being renewed as the metropolitan rail network undergoes a significant transformation. The new systems will support a steady growth in passenger numbers, significant operational and technological advances relating to managing transportation infrastructure, and higher traffic volumes.

Metro is one of the region’s largest metropolitan rail services, operating 220 six-carriage trains across 965 kilometres of track, and transporting 415,000 passengers each day. With 15 lines, 219 stations and services seven days a week, Metro provides a seamless transport solution to keep passengers connected and on time to their respective destinations.

Zetron’s ACOM Command & Control system is a robust and highly configurable communications platform enabling it to easily adapt and evolve with the requirements of even the most complex and diverse communications centres.

“A transportation system as large and busy as Metro’s demands a system that provides complete communications interoperability, efficiency, and geo-diversity,” said Ranjan Bhagat, Vice President and General Manager, Zetron Australasia. “The ACOM Command & Control system was designed specifically to give transportation organisations like Metro the ability to successfully manage massive activity volumes across multiple disparate channels without missing a beat.”

About Zetron, Inc.

Zetron has been designing and manufacturing integrated mission-critical communications systems since 1980. Its offerings include NG9-1-1 call-taking, CAD, mapping, dispatch, voice logging, fire station alerting, and location service systems. They are expandable, interoperable, and able to support geo-diverse operations. What’s more, Zetron backs its products with technical support, training, and project management services known for their skill and responsiveness. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and a global network of partners, resellers, and system integrators, Zetron has installed thousands of systems and tens of thousands of console positions worldwide. Zetron is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation. For more information, visit:

About Metro Trains Melbourne

Metro Trains Melbourne is the franchised operator of the suburban railway network in Melbourne, Australia. Metro is a joint venture between MTR Corporation, John Holland Group and UGL Rail. Metro operates a fleet of 220 six-carriage trains on 965 kilometres of track. There are 15 suburban train lines, one special events line, and 219 railway stations across the network. Metro is one of the largest employers in Victoria with an employee base of nearly 6,000 people.

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