Tech Talk Vlog: Part 2 – Integrating Mission Critical Push-to-Talk with Emergency Communications Centers

Answers to six more questions about MCPTT integration with ECCs

In part 2 of Zetron’s video Tech Talk mini- series, we provide answers to six more questions on integrating Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) with Emergency Communications Centers; delivered by MCPTT subject matter expert, Randy Richmond.

So, if you enjoyed part one, or are curious about the technical aspects of MCPTT and ECC integration, costs associated with integration, or when you can start integrating MCPTT with your ECC, view the full vlog where you’ll learn more about:

1. Which MCPTT interfaces can I use to integrate my ECC?
2. What about IP backhaul to my carrier?
3. Are there solutions if I need to connect to multiple carriers?
4. What are the costs for integration?
5. When can I start integrating MCPTT with my ECC?
6. Where can I learn more about MCPTT integration issues?

Enjoy the second part of our mini vlog series and check out part one if you haven’t yet for more answers to important questions around MCPTT integration with ECCs.

By: Randy Richmond

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