Happy Holidays & 2023 Reflections from the President

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By: Scott French

As we get set to turn the page on 2023 and welcome 2024, we pause to give thanks, reflect, and renew yet again. For some, it may be their first year of professional renewal, or their first thankful year as a parent, or their first year of reflection after suffering a personal loss. For others, it may be the 32nd time to turn those professional pages, and for our company, it is a humbling 72nd time since being founded. However, for every year there is much to be thankful for and celebrate.

To close out 2023, we would like to reflect on some of the key things that have made it one of our best years. If you’re a subscriber of our Z-Wire blog, you yourself are one of the reasons we have cause for celebration, so first and foremost, a simple but sincere, thank you.

Simply put, if not for you, there is no us. A lot of weight for your shoulders perhaps, but Zetron customers and partners are no strangers to owning heavy burdens. For many of you, what you wake up and do every day in mission critical communications simply comes with a level of responsibility and importance that most people simply don’t bear as prominently in their professional lives.

In reflecting on an amazing year, it’s fitting to start with our truly remarkable customers. We are partial to a belief that what we do at Zetron is, “in some small way, helping save lives.” But what we really do is our very best to help all our customers that do save and improve lives…in a big way, and every day. Our customers, from first responders to those supporting critical infrastructure, such as utilities, transportation systems, our national parks and forest lands, etc., they all help sustain, enhance and enrich lives. And lives are also jeopardized when their jobs aren’t performed well.

So, to all Zetron customers, thanks for allowing us – at least in some small way – to help you accomplish your noble mission in 2023. You are all our most important customer, that’s how we approach our business.

There are far too many great customer stories from 2023 to share. From innovation milestones, such as in Australia where we’re partnering with Nokia to develop the first fully MCx-capable transportation communications network in the country, to customer adoption milestones, such as now delivering Next Generation 9-1-1 services to 75% of the counties in Iowa (USA) after garnering the state’s trust in a statewide contract renewal late in 2022. We are also proud of another type of services milestone in the state of Kansas (USA), where we launched a cybersecurity program to provide cyber resilience assessments and roadmaps for 34 counties and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

Those Command & Control customer developments just scratch the surface for Zetron in 2023 though. It’s been an exciting year of growth in many ways, evidenced across a broad spectrum of measures. For example, despite market pundit intimations of its imminent demise – something we have been hearing over my entire 32 years in this industry – Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems continued its growth with a dozen new major systems deployed in 2023, proving where reliable radio communications are truly mission critical, LMR technology remains the standard.

An undeniable measure of momentum is expansion. Be it organic growth in the form of a record year in Zetron sales and new customer deployments, or inorganic growth, achieved through the strategic acquisition of companies that enable us to widen the solutions and services we can deliver to customers. 2023 saw both for Zetron. Not only did our organic growth significantly outpace the critical communications industry, but we added two more companies that are paying immediate dividends in widening Zetron’s value proposition to our worldwide customer base.

In February, we acquired GeoConex, a partner since 2009 and a leading reseller of Zetron’s MAX Systems in North America. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN (USA), GeoConex strengthens Zetron’s emergency response development, sales, and support capabilities, particularly in Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and location-based services. Later, in August we acquired a command and control solutions business unit of NEC Software Services called Eagle. Located in Hull, England (UK), the Eagle business unit (now Zetron Limited) came with highly complementary communications solutions being used in more than 100 control rooms in the UK, as well as by other public safety and transportation customers across Europe and the Middle East. The ongoing integration of both companies has netted immediate enhancements in business synergies and customer solution capabilities.

With that kind of growth comes…well, growth. Zetron is ending 2023 with 33% more employees than we started the year with, and we’ve added three new locations (Knoxville, TN, Hull, UK and Ipswich, UK). Lastly, we also moved into new innovative fit for the future facilities in Victoria, BC and Redmond, WA.

With that kind of growth comes…well, growth. Zetron is ending 2023 with 33% more employees than we started the year with, and we’ve added three new locations (Knoxville, TN, Hull, UK and Ipswich, UK). Lastly, we also moved into new innovative fit for the future facilities in Victoria, BC and Redmond, WA.

Despite a very busy year, we remain humble and exceedingly grateful to the markets, customers, and communities we serve. Giving back has always been an important tenet of Zetron’s people and culture, so as the company grows, so too has our ability to make a difference. Zetron is proud that its employees have donated more than $150,000 worth of cash, goods and time this year to a variety of worthy charities, including Behind the Badge Foundation, Hopelink, Snohomish County K9 Foundation, Bellevue Police Foundation, The Mustard Seed, CFAX Santas Anonymous, The Hospital Activity Book for Children and more. Giving back remains an important and growing part of the Zetron culture.

Yes, it’s been an amazing year. One of our favorite sayings is perhaps never more fitting than this time of year: ‘We are happy, but we will never be satisfied.’ As long as communications systems can be improved, the wellbeing of our people (employees, partners, and community) enriched, and the lives of those we serve can be saved, we will remain steadfast in our pursuit. That’s Zetron. Happy about a tremendous year, excited about the year to come, and always humbled by the amazing people we get to work with every day.

From all of us at Zetron, thank you, be it a current or prospective customer, partner, or simply a Z-Wire subscriber, for making 2023 remarkable. We are passionate about what we do and have the utmost respect and appreciation for who we serve. We wish you a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. Thank you for being part of our 2023 and we’re looking forward working with you to make 2024 even better.

Best Regards,
Scott French
President and Executive General Manager


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