PSTA Cybersecurity

Technical Subcommittee Report

The PSTA recommends that all public safety agencies have a cybersecurity policy in place. Identify key areas of concern and best practices with the PSTA Cybersecurity Checklist

Key Areas of Concern for
Public Safety Users

The PSTA Cybersecurity Technical Sub-committee recommends these best practices and steps that can be taken to protect your mobile device.

PSTA Cybersecurity Checklist
PTSA cybersecurity

Key Areas of Focus for Threats & Mitigation

The sub-committee considered several key areas of focus for cybersecurity threat and mitigation:

Did You Know?
Cybersecurity Statistics

Almost every individual, business and government is connected to the internet, making them all vulnerable to cyber attacks. Here's a look at some of the most recent statistics.
Billion in damages paid due to ransonware since 2017
0 %
of organizations have established cybersecurity measures
0 %
of organizations don't apply any security measures
0 %
of organizations conduct active security monitoring