MAX Solutions Product Service Plan

Activation Acknowledgement

MAX Product Service Plan Activation

MAX Product Service Plan (PSP) is active either when the product is shipped or when the Customer registers the product. To register a MAX system and its individual console positions, please complete the requested information below.

The activation date will be the later of the date of shipment of the product from Zetron’s facility or up to ninety (90) days from the shipment date, based on the date of Customer activation and registration, which cannot exceed ninety (90) days from the shipment date. The activation start date on products that have not been registered by the end user is the date the product shipped from Zetron’s facility. Expired PSPs require a reinstatement fee for reactivation.

MAX Product Service Plan Details

For a summary of the MAX Solutions Product Service Plan or for more details,

Complete the form to register a MAX System and its individual console positions