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By: Kimberly Kapustein

Zetron was pleased to sponsor and attend this year’s NENA Ignite 2020 Virtual Conference. This unique event made the session content and opportunities to network highly accessible and convenient, despite there not being an in person event this year.

There are two significant benefits of this year’s virtual conference format:

1) Once registered as an attendee (which is FREE), you can access on-demand education sessions all the way through October 24.

2) The opportunity to connect live with 911 community partners via the virtual expo.

Please visit the links below to see Zetron at this free-to-attend virtual event that offers you various ways to learn, grow, connect, and discover. We hope to see you next year at NENA 2021 in person.


Click here first to register

Once registered, follow the links below for valuable content and to engage with Zetron:
Watch this on-demand panel, including of Zetron’s Diane Harris, Co-Chair for the Joint APCO/NENA Management of the EIDO Working Group, on The Future of Inter-Agency Communications.

Visit the Zetron Virtual Booth

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