2019 Conferences and Events: Where to See Zetron

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By: Brian Degenstein

As we approach the end of 2019, don’t miss the opportunity to meet with us at any one of our remaining conferences and events! Stop by our booths as we showcase the latest mission critical technology.

2019 Conference Schedule

Members of the Zetron team will be at the following Fall and Winter conferences — we hope to see you!

Wireless Leadership Summit
October 23-24
Kansas City, MO

Virginia APCO NENA
October 23-25
Roanoke, VA

California Public Safety Radio Association
October 24
Montebello, CA

New Jersey NENA Fall Meeting
October 30
Westampton, NJ

New York State 911 Coordinators Association Fall Conference
October 29-31
Ithaca, NY

Idaho APCO
October 28-30
Boise, ID

Illinois Public Safety Telecommunicators Association Annual Conference
November 3-6
Springfield, IL

APCO Canada
November 4-7
Halifax, Nova Scotia

ITS Texas Annual Meeting
November 13-15
Irving, TX

Atlantic APCO
November 11
Falmouth, MA

Mississippi Civil Defense Emergency Management Association
November 14
Biloxi, MS

Comms Connect Melbourne
November 26-28
Melbourne, Australia

Oregon State Sheriffs Association
November 28
Bend, OR

Idaho Sheriffs Association Winter Conference
December 12
Boise, ID

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