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In this commemorative 40th anniversary issue of Advantage, we highlight how PowerCo uses ACOM Command & Control to keep the lights on and gas flowing for nearly half a million people across New Zealand. Next, while staying healthy is a major worldwide focus, check out our recent Wellness & Peer Support Webinar on demand, which provides guidance, action plans and organized resources to support the needs of emergency services professionals during especially trying times.

If Mission Critical Push-to-Talk is of interest, you’ll find our new Tech Talk video useful for answering important questions on integrating MCPTT with Emergency Communications Centers. Finally, Zetron recently released the all new MAX Fire Station Alerting, find out how this powerful solution augments dispatch and CAD capabilities to help emergency teams respond faster and arrive smarter. All this and more in this your 40th anniversary edition of the Zetron Advantage.

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Keeping the lights on and the gas flowing to 442,000 homes, businesses, and organizations across New Zealand’s North Island is no easy task. However, as the country’s second largest utility provider, Powerco prides itself on safety and reliability for all.

Have you been to the Z-Wire blog? If not, you’re missing out on an ever-expanding repository of thought leadership content on mission critical communications. Check it out and subscribe today! 

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Wellness & Peer Support programs utilize professionals with relatable experience to provide public safety personnel with support, guidance, action plans, and organized resources. Watch this vaulable on-demand webinar now!

Zetron’s new MAX Fire Station Alerting system offers a scalable and affordable solution for enhancing the public safety dispatch capabilities of Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs). Featuring a wide range of innovative alerting, automation, and operational monitoring/management functions, MAX Fire Station Alerting is deployed either stand alone, as an integrated component of a full communications platform with MAX Dispatch, MAX Call Taking, MAX CAD, or alongside existing dispatch/CAD systems from other vendors.

MAX Fire Station Alerting is more than just alerting. It offers ECCs capability along with flexibility. It’s highly configurable to meet the unique needs of each agency, interoperable to work with other/existing systems, and valuable for improving public safety dispatch efficiency and situational awareness. But that just scratches the surface. Take a closer look and see ALL the ways MAX Fire Station Alerting helps public safety emergency services respond faster and arrive smarter.