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Vol . 34 Issue 2 

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Greetings from Scott French, Zetron President

Welcome to the Digital Advantage!

In this issue of ADVANTAGE, we highlight our 2021 theme of “Better Together,” and why it’s the source of optimism at the new Zetron. Our other feature story shares how Zetron’s Land Mobile Radio solutions are helping to deliver one-of-a-kind ski adventures, while supporting the vital role of public safety and rescue missions in Sun Valley.

If Project 25 or 3GPP MCPTT is of interest, you’ll find our new whitepaper useful for an objective comparative look at the capabilities across the two standards, pinpointing and defining the current differences from a mission critical communications perspective. Finally, in this issue’s Solution Focus, see how MAX Fire Station Alerting is helping emergency teams respond faster and arrive smarter, including a seamless integration with Stratus Transportable Repeaters to provide a comprehensive communications solution from dispatch to station to first responders. All this and more in this edition of the Zetron ADVANTAGE.


When your business involves helicoptering skiers in and out of isolated Idaho mountain peaks, communications are essential to delivering a thrilling adventure for guests while keeping them safe. That’s why Sun Valley Heli Ski (SVHS) puts a high priority on having reliable communications that keep radio dispatchers, pilots, ski guides and guests in constant contact.

Have you been to the Z-Wire blog? If not, you’re missing out on an ever-expanding repository of thought leadership content on mission critical communications. Check out our latest post on Why Public Safety is Under Cyber Attack and How to Prepare For It!


The convergence of land mobile radio (LMR) and cellular push-to-talk technologies is generating new questions and considerations about the future of mission critical communications. While Project 25 (P25) has long been the standard for North American public safety, the proliferation of 3GPP Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) has many users trying to understand and weigh the differences.

Solution focus

Zetron’s MAX Fire Station Alerting is more than just alerting. It offers Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) capability along with flexibility. It’s highly configurable to meet the unique needs of each agency, valuable for improving public safety dispatch efficiency, situational awareness, and interoperable to work with other/existing systems like our new Land Mobile Radio solutions!

MAX Fire Station Alerting works seamlessly with a Stratus Transportable Repeater that’s highly deployable, rugged, securely encrypted and interoperable. Ideal for when you need to connect to the network on the go and communicate during mission critical events.

MAX Fire Station Alerting helps public safety emergency services respond faster and arrive smarter. But that just scratches the surface. Take a closer look and see ALL the ways MAX Fire Station Alerting can work for you in this demo.