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Solving the Next Generation Mission Critical Communications Gap

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Happy Holidays! In the latest edition of Zetron Advantage, we feature an insightful video interview with Zetron President Scott French and Andy Castillo of American City & County. In “Solving the Next Generation Mission Critical Communications Gap,” discover how Zetron addresses the challenges emergency response teams face when upgrading their systems.

In another exciting development, we’ve expanded our critical communications technology portfolio with the recent acquisition of the ‘Eagle’ business unit from NEC, now known as Zetron Limited. This strategic move not only enhances our capabilities but also grows our team in the U.K.

This edition’s Solution Focus spotlights a product newly acquired through the acquisition—Stream. Stream provides instant control room connectivity to mobile devices, enhancing situational awareness in emergency responses.

As the year draws to a close, stay informed with the latest from Zetron Advantage, have a wonderful holiday season, and here’s to an exciting new year!

Solving the Next Generation Mission
Critical Communications Gap

Zetron’s President and Executive General Manager, Scott French, sits down with Andy Castillo of American City & County. They delve into the challenges faced by response teams during system upgrades and explore how Zetron is at the forefront of seamless connectivity with the next generation of mission critical communications technology. The video is a must-watch providing some invaluable insight, watch it here.

Sneak Peek of the Transcript:

Andy: That term next gen has been thrown around a lot, it’s become like a catchphrase or a call to action in some circles but what does it really mean for an emergency response technology to be next generation and how is that any different from what many emergency communication centers are working with today?

Scott: It’s funny, you know everybody uses the term next generation. We’re all very familiar with the mobile phone industry, right? At the start when we first had flip phones, that was first generation, 1G, but nobody said 1G.

“There's roughly 6,000 9-1-1 centers in North America. We estimate that about half of them are still relying at some form of first generation technology.”

Scott French, President & Executive General Manager

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Then we started to be able to do some texting and some data and maybe some people started talking about 2G but then all of a sudden it was 3G, 4G and now we’re into 5G and you’re sharing video, you’re live streaming. It’s amazing what we can accomplish with our mobile phones. Well, it’s very similar in the emergency communications realm and I’ll spend most of my time talking about 9-1-1 emergency call taking. Way back, probably 50 years ago, with landline phones – remember those phones that used to hang up in your kitchen with a really long cord?

Andy: I barely remember.

Scott: Well, I have enough gray hair to remember that,
but anyway you know that was the first generation…
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Wellness Survey

In 2021, Zetron surveyed emergency communications professionals during major public safety communications events in North America, including the NENA and APCO annual conferences, then used the response data to publish predictions for 2022 public safety answering point (PSAP) wellness trends.

In 2023 we conducted a follow up survey with public safety professionals on a variety of  wellness topics to see how the predictions have faired, including whether they felt their leadership cared about their wellness, if their center had experienced labor shortages, if centers were utilizing peer support programs, supporting continued education and more.

Using the new data, we evaluated each of the predictions and graded them as hits or misses based on whether the new data supported the 2021 predictions or not. So, without further ado, let’s see how the predictions held up!

Eagle-Eyed Expansion: Our Latest Acquisition

This summer, Zetron expanded it's critical communications technology portfolio and global reach with the acquisition of the ‘Eagle' business unit from NEC, now known as Zetron Limited. Headquartered in Hull, United Kingdom (UK), Zetron Limited provides software and services to public safety and transportation organizations across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Free eBook: Reimagining the Public Safety Response to Mental Health Crisis Calls

First responders are increasingly being called into situations involving mental illness and substance abuse. This eBook explores how the roles and responsibilities of public safety have evolved in managing mental health calls, and presents recommendations and supporting data on how better outcomes are being achieved.

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Solution Focus: Stream

Emergency response teams are constantly exploring ways to reduce time-to-resolution speeds safely and reliably without risking drop-off in performance standards. Voice and text protocols have been extensively honed, trained and optimized over the years for faster assessment of ongoing incidents, but the fact remains that situational awareness is heavily reliant on the word of the caller to confirm the details. This can be problematic when tensions are high and dangerous conditions affect the caller’s clarity, leading to key factors being overlooked and surprise circumstances impacting outcomes.

Zetron Stream provides instant control room connectivity to mobile devices, allowing telecommunicators and dispatchers to access live video feeds in their appraisal, drastically accelerating and enriching the situational awareness for a given response.

Automated translation for over 100 languages saves call takers valuable seconds while video feeds supply unspoken visual cues that allow them to pick up on specific environmental details that can make a difference in coordinating the most effective response possible.

Stream integrates easily into most technology ecosystems with dynamic 5G, LTE and 3G compatibility with all major carriers. Stream is the next generation solution that lets responders see around corners, both literally and figuratively.

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