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Zetron Acquires Valued
Partner GeoConex

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In this issue of ADVANTAGE, we’re excited to share that Zetron has acquired GeoConex Corporation, a developer and integrator of Public Safety and Homeland Security communications systems. GeoConex has been a Zetron partner since 2009 and provides computer aided dispatch (CAD) technology and services that are an integral component in Zetron’s Command & Control portfolio.

We’re also unveiling a new blog series called, Zetron Presents: Day in the Life. Zetron works with mission critical communications professionals every day and the new series is a way to spotlight their stories and show how they make a difference. The first editions of the series feature Mike Weaver, Director of Lancaster County-Wide Communications and Melissa Alterio, Director of Cobb County 911.

In this edition’s Solution Focus, we look at the latest MAX Fire Station Alerting 5.10 release and the benefits it provides. And if you happen to be at IWCE 2023, we’ll be there showcasing the new features live. All this and more in this edition of the Zetron ADVANTAGE.

Zetron Expands Emergency
Communications Technology Portfolio

In February, Zetron announced the acquisition of GeoConex Corporation, a developer and integrator of Public Safety and Homeland Security communications systems. While the name may not be immediately familiar to many Advantage subscribers, the technology certainly is to those using Zetron’s MAX CAD. GeoConex has been a Zetron partner since 2009, when the company’s software was first leveraged to bring Zetron’s MAX CAD to market.

MAX CAD has since grown to be an integral component of the MAX emergency communications suite, including MAX Call Taking, MAX Dispatch and MAX Fire Station Alerting. While MAX solutions are routinely deployed standalone as point solutions by customers and integrated with other existing third party solutions, the addition of MAX CAD enabled Zetron to offer a complete and fully integrated technology platform for emergency communications centers.

Meanwhile, GeoConex became one of Zetron’s most successful channel partners, introducing other MAX Solutions to their own CAD customers. With both companies having success taking integrated MAX solutions to market, while maintaining a mature technology partnership, the resulting synergies and opportunities from working together made the acquisition an exceptional fit.

As a new division of Zetron, substantial investments in the GeoConex team, as well as the company’s technologies and services, are underway to expand the business. So while the acquisition is an exciting development for both Zetron and GeoConex, the real excitement will be for the expanded CAD capabilities, services and support Zetron will be able to offer the current and future collective customers of both companies as a result of our joining forces. Stay tuned for future CAD developments as Zetron welcomes new GeoConex division.

Stay tuned for future CAD developments as Zetron welcomes in its new GeoConex division.
zeetron Day In The Life
Zetron is honored to work with mission critical communications professionals across a wide array of applications and industries. Our daily interactions with these extraordinary individuals inspired us to launch our Day in the Life blog series. The series gives us a chance to talk with some amazing people and share Q&As, stories, anecdotes and whatever else they’re willing to share to give us and our blog subscribers an inside look at the many roles and facets of critical communications. Our objective is simply to share different perspectives, proliferate learning, inspire collaboration and to celebrate exceptional, often unsung, people, teams and organizations who are making a big difference in their day-to-day.

Our first edition is a video interview featuring Mike Weaver, Director of Lancaster County-Wide Communications.

Zetron wants to recognize and celebrate the important work done by you and your team, too! You could be featured in an upcoming issue of ‘Day in the Life’ – all you have to do is fill out the form here.

Fill it out for yourself or nominate a friend. Once the submission is received, someone from Zetron will reach out to coordinate the interview.

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Solution Focus:

MAX Fire Station Alerting 5.10

For Fire Stations and Dispatch Centers that need greater control over firehouse systems automation to safely improve response times and eliminate errors that can be catastrophic during incident response, MAX Fire Station Alerting 5.10 is a highly flexible, configurable platform with advanced automation capabilities. MAX Fire Station Alerting is easy to install and flexible to integrate with existing and future CAD systems.

Unlike solutions that require expensive, time-consuming re-tooling and ongoing maintenance, MAX Fire Station Alerting is easy to implement, maintain and update for high reliability, desired specialization and low total cost of ownership.

  1. Increase control over firehouse automation to improve situational preparedness across complex and specialized protocols—safely boosting efficiency, speed and performance.

  2. Eliminate surprises that would be catastrophic during incident response, ensuring continuity of agency protocols regardless of individual component breakdowns—the capability to diagnose any point of failure increases overall system hygiene and reliability.

  3. Enable quick identification of involved units, roles and resources, promoting heart-healthy alerting and reductions to installation complexity.

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Communications in Crisis Management

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Bits & Bytes

Zetron and Nokia to Provide New Mission Critical Command & Control Communications System

Zetron is working with Nokia to build what will be the first fully MCx-capable railway communications network on the continent for the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia

Zetron Awarded Cybersecurity Services Contract for Kansas

Federal grants will support county assessments and roadmaps to enhance overall cybersecurity

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