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VOL. 34, ISSUE 4

Zetron Advantage

Unwrapping the New Zetron

Welcome to the Digital ADVANTAGE

In this issue of ADVANTAGE, we’re excited to unwrap the new Zetron brand. A fresh look and feel that reflects how the company is evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers. While we look a bit different, we’re still focused on delivering the highest quality, most reliable communications solutions and superior customer service that Zetron is known for. And now more than ever, we’re here to make sure Zetron customers are always on, always ready.

After a two-year hiatus, we celebrated 10 years of our Shoot for the Stars charity golf tournament, continuing to raise money for the Behind the Badge Foundation. In ten years, we’ve proudly raised a quarter of a million dollars for this very worthy cause.

Finally, in our Solution Focus, we look at the latest MAX Call Taking 4.2.0 release with ESInet standards updates, including NG911 Location, Additional Data Repository (ADR), and Location-to-Service Translation (LoST). All this and more in this edition of the Zetron ADVANTAGE.


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A new look, an enduring legacy

The acquisition of Zetron last year by Codan Limited was the beginning of big and exciting changes. Not the least of which was an immediate merger with the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) division of Codan Communications, another Codan company that had an 80-year legacy of providing mission critical solutions. Not coincidentally, those solutions are highly complementary to those provided by Zetron for the past 40+ years.

By bringing together Zetron’s command and control systems, and Codan’s LMR products, it enabled the “new Zetron” to offer a truly end-to- end mission critical communications platform. All while maintaining the market standard for interoperability – and thereby customer choice and flexibility – a mission historically shared by both Zetron and Codan.

The merger opened new markets, introduced new resources and leadership, and expanded the possibilities and scope of what Zetron can offer its diverse global customer base.

Since then, a focus has been to efficiently integrate the two companies, while making the transition as seamless, transparent and impact-free to customers as possible. So, most of that work has been behind the scenes, and frankly, isn’t yet complete. But great progress has been made and many of those market possibilities and customer benefits are being realized today. While still Zetron, the company has unquestionably become a new and improved version of itself.

Already a trusted and proven leader in critical communications, the new Zetron has a new energy, attitude, and conviction. It became clear the Zetron brand needed to be freshened up to match. So, we are proud to unveil a new look, showcasing how the company is now stronger, more innovative, and capable than ever of solving the critical communications challenges of organizations across our various markets worldwide. 

"The new Zetron has a

new energy, attitude and conviction"

Zetron’s new look and redefined foundational branding, both boldly declare our passionate and relentless dedication to helping our customers be…Always on, always ready.

For many Zetron customers, there is no plausible alternative to being on and ready to act 24/7/365. Uninterrupted communications are simply non-negotiable. So, we are diligent in our pursuit to deliver the highest quality solutions, backed by the best services, and delivered by the most dedicated people in the world of mission critical communications. Zetron needed a brand that matched its conviction.

Zetron isn’t straying from its roots of legendary solution quality, reliability, and customer service. But the mission, vision, values, and yes, the look of the company, have all been updated to reflect our new capabilities, resources, culture, and

commitment appropriately and adamantly to being a rapidly growing, world class provider of critical communications.

Simply put, Zetron’s mission is to deliver integrated end-to-end communications solutions that help save lives and enable critical operations. It’s what we do… it’s all we do…and we are thrilled to share the new Zetron brand that pays homage to our past, while epitomizing who we’ve become and who we will be.

Time to ring in an exciting new era.

If you’re interested in how we got here, check out the Zetron company timeline below to see some of the key highlights that have defined Zetron’s journey to present day.

See more of what’s behind our new look.

Zetron Through the Years

Shoot for the Stars
2022 Golf Tournament

10th Anniversary Wrap Up

Zetron's Annual Charity Golf Tournament Continues to Raise Money for Behind the Badge foundation

This fall, after a two-year hiatus, Zetron returned to the golf course for the annual Shoot for Stars Golf Tournament to benefit the Behind the Badge foundation. Behind the Badge is an organization that honors law enforcement who have suffered serious injury or fallen in the line of duty, offering immediate and ongoing support to families, agencies, and communities in times of critical need. Over the past 10 years, Shoot for the Stars has raised over$ 250,000 for the for the Behind the Badge Foundation. It is Zetron’s absolute honor to offer it’s continued support to heroic first responders year after year.

Returning this year, the event was blessed with sunny, warm weather on the course and many smiling faces. See for yourself in the collection of photos below! A big thank you to Dale Hylton of Blue Skies Drone for capturing some cool overhead footage.

We are thrilled to share that next year Shoot for the Stars will be returning to the Golf Club at Newcastle on August 31st, 2023. Be sure to mark your calendars and keep practicing your golf swing! If you can’t be there in person, we’re always looking for new sponsors to help raise money for this very worthy cause.

For more information on Shoot for the Stars and how to participate or donate email: susan.york@zetron.com

Solution Focus:

MAX Call Taking 4.2.0

ESInet Improvements from MAX Call Taking 4.2.0

MAX Call Taking 4.2.0 addresses updated standards to the ESInet, including NG911 Location, Additional Data Repository (ADR), and Location-to-Service Translation (LoST). These updates extend the i3 capabilities of MAX Call Taking and have an immediate impact on the quality of information available to telecommunicators.

This release provides both 9-1-1 text and IP voice services to primary markets in Illinois, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, but also ensures compatibility and compliance in other AT&T ESInet zones. MAX Call Taking 4.2.0 also includes maintenance improvements identified from field reports and internal testing, which are now deployable at any site upon request.

ADR provides information beyond the basic name, number, and location found in traditional ALI while increasing the rate and reliability of the delivery. The information is shown in three data categories: Provider Info, Service Info, and Subscriber Info. Each of those categories has several configurable information fields that are selectively displayable, allowing the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) to focus on essential items and even add new fields to account for new, previously undefined elements.
LoST contains contacts of Police, Fire, EMS, and other agencies, based on the jurisdiction and location of the caller. Analogous to the Emergency Service Number (ESN) from legacy ALI records, it appears in the same familiar screen location, enabling a simple transfer to the listed agency for fast resolution.
NG911 Location replaces legacy ALI for caller location, delivered through the ESInet rather than through traditional serial ALI links. Referencing the SIP INVITE, it can be delivered in one of two ways: Reference (HELD URL) or Value (PIDF-LO). This flexibility ensures that both future-ready and legacy agency adoption levels are covered while minimizing changes to the Active Call Window appearance.
For compatibility with existing CAD and mapping applications, ADR and location elements—like traditional ALI information—can be placed into the CAD data stream to mimic an existing ALI record. This allows the ECC to maintain their existing CAD or map without an immediate software upgrade. Logging Recorder Data Interface (LRDI) data is also sourced from NG911 Location and ADR where applicable. This does not require any new CTI configuration since the data locations are fixed within the LRDI specification. Call Detail Record (CDR) data also has new events from ADR.

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