Live web-based video streaming solution for greater situational awareness in the control room

Zetron’s STREAM is a cloud-based control room software that allows callers to live stream an incident from their device directly to the control room. The software enables operators to gather vital information, dispatch the required emergency response and save lives.

Because preparation and situational awareness are directly tied to the success and safety of incident response, Zetron Stream delivers a major enhancement to the control room by giving telecommunicators the ability to quickly assess an environment and visually identify potentially relevant details the caller may not think to provide through the use of integrated video streaming.

Stream Laptop web

Real Time Situational Awareness

Visualize the scene to help fast-track resolution times by reducing subjectivity and providing better information and intelligence to field response units. Deter hoax calls and prioritize callers in the most critical or vulnerable situations.

STREAM Core Features

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