Introducing the New Zetron

Always on, always ready.

A new look, an enduring legacy

Technology in critical communications is always evolving, and Zetron is too. We’ve unveiled a new brand in 2022, acknowledging how the company has changed, celebrating what it’s become, and signifying where it’s going.

Although not new, our commitment to delivering the highest quality and most reliable communications solutions in the world has inarguably been reinvigorated as we’ve successfully merged two companies (Zetron and the former LMR business of Codan Communications) into a single, fully integrated, end-to-end mission critical communications platform provider. What is new is a modern look and redefined foundational branding, both boldly declaring our passionate and relentless dedication to helping our customers be…Always on, always ready.

For most Zetron customers, there is no plausible alternative to being on and ready to act 24/7/365. Uninterrupted communications are simply non-negotiable. So neither are we in our pursuit to deliver the highest quality solutions, backed by the best services, delivered by the most dedicated people in the world of mission critical communications. Zetron needed a brand that matched its conviction.    

But a company’s brand goes deeper than a new logo. So if you’d like to know more about what the new Zetron is really about, we’re excited to share a peek underneath the improved packaging as well…


To deliver integrated, end-to-end communications solutions that help save lives and enable critical operations.


To be an innovation leader in mission critical communications, providing top quality, interoperable, always-on systems that enable vital personnel and organizations to efficiently collaborate, coordinate, and act when it matters most.

Zetron Values

Zetron’s values are more than words, they embody a shared promise that guides our actions every single day. Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for.  They’re engrained in our culture. New employees are hired (or not) based heavily on an assessment of their ability to live and breathe them, while tenured employees are regularly encouraged and rewarded for exuding them. They’re core to the Zetron mission, and are not just relevant, but evident, to the very important customers we serve.

Mission, Vision & Values


We have a long track record of solving our customers’ most important communications challenges. We do this by providing purpose-built solutions that are durable, reliable, high performing, and functionally resilient in even the most extreme conditions – alongside an unparalleled customer service experience.


Our business is built on trust, honesty, accountability, openness, and a steadfast commitment to always do right by our customers. Every customer. All the time.


We operate with a profound sense of duty and pride to serve the people who provide critical services. We are dedicated, passionate, humble, and always bring a can-do attitude in support of the everyday heroes we call customers. 


As technology evolves and our customers’ needs change, we are constantly improving. We balance forward-looking innovation with use case-specific functionality requirements to deliver pragmatic, customer-driven solutions.