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Sydney Airport Delivers World Class Experience

with Zetron's Integrated Communications & Console Systems

Keeping everyone connected, from the security personnel to airfield operations at Australia’s busiest airport requires a reliable, yet flexible integrated communications system.

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In this issue we look at Sydney Airport’s new ACOM Integrated Communications & Console Systems, our recently launched MAX Call Taking as a Subscription, as well as our integration with RapidSOS NG911 Clearinghouse. And don’t miss the Practical Guide for Public Safety Cybersecurity white paper, along with some of our upcoming events.

max call taking critical communications system

All the power to respond of MAX Call Taking, less of a buying barrier to having the latest PSAP technology.

Learn more about emerging risks and better prepare your public safety organization to adequately respond to cybersecurity threats that have become all too imminent to the vital services your center provides.

mobile caller location rapidsos

Faster and more accurate location from smartphones via the RapidSOS NG911 Clearinghouse integration for MAX Call Taking and MAX CAD.

zetron portable mission critical communications dispatch


  • Have you seen the new Check out our new resources hub
  • Meet CommandIQ – Zetron’s newest innovation in portable mission critical communications dispatch consoles released at IWCE 2019
  • Product Focus – ACOM Command & Control (see below)
zetron acom critical communications systems

If you haven’t seen Zetron’s ACOM Command & Control System in a while, it’s time for a refresh. Check out some of the key features and functionality making ACOM one of the fastest growing mission critical communications systems across the world, including at Sydney Airport. See more ACOM Command & Control case studies.

Innovative Call Management

ACOM Call Stacks are centralized live system-wide call lists stored within the ACOM controller, encompassing all phone, radio, intercom, and other system activity and can be identified in categories such as waiting, missed and history. Areas of Interest allow console positions to “subscribe” to various elements of the call stack, to specifically display these within their own consolidated or individual stacks. This information can be live call information or historical queue information, even prior to operator log-on. Fields, size, font, text & background color (dynamic based on status), blink, blink rate are all configurable via included tools.

Advanced User Experience Flexibility

Zetron pioneered user interface design flexibility in the console market and this remains the benchmark that other console vendors try to emulate. Zetron continues to innovate in this area, with our console design philosophy being: any function, any size, any resource, any appearance and any location. The ACOM GUI provides a highly flexible, easily configured, feature rich, highly integrated solution intended to maximize dispatcher efficiency.

Comprehensive Call Patching

ACOM provides a full set of patching capabilities that allow dispatchers to intelligently manage how radio and telephone users connect and communicate. The patching features include position patching, where an operator sets up a position patch (up to 6 per position), but does not join a conversation. Conference patching is where an operator sets up a position patch (up to 6 per position) and can participate as part of the conversation. Global patches are system-wide patches where any authenticated operator can initiate, tear down, join, add or remove resources from the patch (up to 200 per system). Permanent patches are preprogrammed permanent system-wide patches that are configured in the core equipment so that no operator involvement is required (up to 200 per system).

Extensive Instant Call Recording & Recall

ACOM provides a fully integrated, enhanced IRR functionality allowing console users access to recordings in a myriad of different ways. IRR playback control can be applied to individual radio or telephony resources or call stack entries, providing one touch recall of the last recorded audio. From the main IRR screen the user also has the ability to select any recording in the history and replay it. If a recording is selected the waveform displays on the screen allowing the user to select the important part of the message and replay it as a loop to capture important information. IRR also has extensive search and filtering capabilities and the ability to lock recordings so they will not be deleted from the console memory in between sessions. Each recording can be captured with a large amount of Metadata to aid in the search function and to provide the user with a rich experience.