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Wellness & Peer Support Programs

For Emergency Services Professionals

Part 1 - Getting Started

Public Safety & Emergency Services Professionals are emotionally and psychologically impacted in a variety of ways by crisis-related stress. On a daily basis they’re routinely bombarded with traumatic events, emotionally and physically distressed individuals, incident stress, conflict, technology challenges, and more, not even to mention what issues may be occurring in their personal lives. Wellness & Peer Support programs utilize professionals with relatable experience to provide public safety personnel with support, guidance, action plans, and organized resources.

Submit the brief form below to access the live webinar recording and learn about:

  • The different types of Wellness programs
  • How to organize a program that will help all members of an agency
  • How to get started with a basic peer support team even in smaller agencies
  • Where to find help with organizing Peer Support Programs


f6aff0a2 pic maureen

Maureen Dieckmann

CEO, Moetivations

135a7d1a pic pam

Pam Opaka, ENP

Regional 9-1-1 & Commander
Level Peer Support Program Planner,
Mid America Regional Council

081855bf pic jc

JC Ferguson

Commander, Austin-Travis County EMS

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