Wellness & Peer Support Programs

For Emergency Services Professionals

Part 2 - Integrating Peer Support in the PSAP: Benefits and Challenges

Wellness & Peer Support programs utilize professionals with relatable experience to provide support, guidance, and resources to public safety personnel. 

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  • Successfully developing and tailoring sustainable wellness programs that provide critical support to public safety professionals
  • The benefits and challenges, based on the specific needs and priorities of each agency and their personnel
  • Long term benefits, such as staff retention and individual wellness, when an effective Peer Support program is established
  • Common challenges and ideas for overcoming them

Part 1 in the series Wellness & Peer Support Programs for Emergency Services Professionals is available to view here.

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Pam Opoka, ENP
Regional 911 and Commander Level Peer Support Program Planner, Mid-America Regional Council
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JC Ferguson
Commander, Austin-Travis Country EMS
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Alice Johnson
Director, Business Development,
NG9-1-1, Zetron

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