It’s official, Zetron has proudly provided mission critical communications solutions to organizations worldwide for 40 years. To help us celebrate, we’re calling on our incredible customers – longtime or new, current or former - to share your experiences with Zetron solutions over the years.

Why share? To be rewarded of course. To celebrate, we’re giving away awesome prizes to individuals and teams that #ShowUsYourZetron! So submit your experiences, we’ll share them on social media, and select entries will earn great rewards for individuals and/or organizations that shared. 

How it Works – What to Share 
Have experience with Zetron but not sure what to submit? 
No problem, we’ll take just about anything you want to share! But if you’re still scratching your head, here’s some ideas: 

  • Zetron products from year’s past – Have something that looks like it may be nearly 40 years old? You may, it runs forever. Whether it’s still in use or not, snap a picture of you or your team with it and include a quick note on how/when it is or was used. 
  • Before and after - Have some old stuff still in the closet but have since upgraded with new stuff? Simply tell us what you used and what you’re using now. Pictures ALWAYS make better submissions. No pic of the equipment? Just send a pic of you or your team.   
  • Be creative – Have a new or old inspiring story, funny anecdote, picture, or event/incident involving a Zetron solution? Tell us about it!

How to share 
Complete the form to submit entries. Include pictures by attaching in an email to from the email address provided in the form and we’ll connect the dots. Prefer social media? Simply share your post on Facebook or Twitter (@ZetronInc) and include the hashtag #ShowUsYourZetron!

Thank you for helping us celebrate this milestone and for your trust over 40 years.