REACH Solutions.

The Fully Functional Remote Call Handling & Dispatch System

Placing the power and flexibility of Zetron’s MAX Call Taking & MAX Dispatch in a portable, easy to deploy package, creating the ultimate remote emergency call handling and dispatch solution for emergency services personnel…wherever, whenever needed

Workstation Mobility within REACH

REACH Solution components have a small and light physical footprint making it easy to remotely access the same user-friendly and highly configurable MAX Call Taking and MAX Dispatch applications you’re used to in conventional communications center consoles.

Remote Accessibility

Extend the "reach" of core operational functions, taking emergency communications remote as needed

Flexible Configuration

REACH offers the same highly configurable MAX Solutions utilized in the center

Functional Parity

Setup off-premise workstations with access to all the same features with either full or partial console capabilities

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Lightweight, transportable, for quick deployment of a fully functional workstation

Connectivity Options

Different REACH package options are suited for various agency connectivity requirements, rather than the other way around


Easily add accessories that enhance efficiency, ergonomics and usability, such as microphones, foot switches and monitors