RapidSOS Integration

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RapidSOS NG911 Emergency Response Data Platform

The RapidSOS NG911 Emergency Response Data Platform is a secure source of life-saving emergency data providing public safety agencies nationwide with better situational awareness and faster response times. PSAPs can securely access device-based hybrid location and additional data from enabled smartphones, without the need for the caller to use an app, resulting in faster and more accurate location than Phase 2 information currently available.

Integrating data from the NG9-1-1 Emergency Response Data Platform with MAX Call Taking allows telecommunicators to receive supplemental data directly in their existing dashboards and workflows. The full integration automatically displays the additional location and supplemental data, streamlining the process during vital, high-stress moments.

How it Works

01 tech lot

Emergency request is sent from a RapidSOS-enabled device (iPhones, Androids, connected home/car/wearables/apps).

02 the clearinghouse

Data from Apple, Google, Uber, MedicAlert, Waze, and more, is securely sent to RapidSOS.

03 public safety

Data from Apple, Google, Uber, MedicAlert, Waze, and more, is securely sent to RapidSOS.

RapidSOS Portal

RapidSOS Portal is the simple and secure web-based tool for accessing NG9-1-1 data, helping improve response outcomes with situational data from connected devices. Plus, view all additional data automatically through the integration with MAX Call Taking with no additional hardware or software required.

Saving seconds saves lives. MAX Call Taking is saving more lives and protecting property by efficiently and effectively connecting first responders to people in critical emergency situations through our integration with RapidSOS. 

New RapidSOS Portal (iRPv2.0) portal functionality and usability improvements include:

  • Night mode
  • Option to turn off maps
  • Window resizing
  • Increased security to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
New product availability within RapidSOS Portal coming soon!

Core Product Features

With the full integration, information from the Emergency Data Response Platform appears as additional data in existing software windows – providing life-saving emergency data in the tools telecommunicators are already familiar with. This also allows telecommunicators to compare the ALI location with the location from the NG911 Emergency Data Response Platform as both are linked together in the same dashboard.

Location and additional data automatically populates in PSAP software windows when a call comes in from an enabled device, such as an iOS12 device or a call through the Uber app. This eliminates the potential for any human error in entering a caller phone number.

Administrators will have a record of instances where additional data was available from RapidSOS along with the ALI location. This allows documentation for quality assurance after the fact.

PSAP software will display Emergency Data Response Platform location for multiple callers simultaneously. The software will also associate calls with emergencies, so call takers and dispatchers can tell whether a nearby call is an outlier from the same incident or a different emergency.

Telecommunicators can view locations received from previous 9-1-1 calls from the same device through the software integration.