End-to-End Unified Command and Control

Zetron's MAX Solutions supports the seamless flow of information in the control room, promoting a deeper understanding of events as they unfold. The systems are designed to work together and with your existing systems, even those from other vendors. Because these systems are modular, they also work as highly effective standalone solutions. This allows you to install the entire suite all at once, or one system now and others later, to suit your needs and budget.

MAX Call-Taking MAX CAD and Mobile CAD MAX GIS Mapping MAX Dispatch MAX Management
Information System (MIS)
  • Next Generation 9-1-1 (i3)
  • SIP-based standards
  • Integrated Text-to-9-1-1
  • Geo-diverse deployment
  • Feature-rich call taking and PBX in one system.
  • Real-time incident management.
  • Scalable to support consolidation, multi-jurisdiction and multi-agency operations.
  • Role-based work assignment and incident management.
  • Direct NCIC integration.
  • Powerful visual display.
  • Can function as standalone or with other Zetron products.
  • Enhanced routing assistance to first responders.
  • Unlimited map layers.
  • A streamlined, flexible GUI.
  • Two-way communication between the dispatch console and CAD.
  • Location services (mapping).
  • P25 CSSI
  • Cloud-based solution.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Pre-defined and customized reports.