Wellness & Peer Support Webinar Series

For Emergency Services Professionals

The first webinar in the series, Wellness & Peer Support Programs for Emergency Services Professionals – Getting Started, presents evidence-based case studies and actionable information that will help you understand the value of deploying a formal peer support initiative. Valuable insights are included for successfully developing, implementing, and sustaining a successful peer support program based on an agency's specific priorities, needs, type, and size.

Additionally, you'll learn: 

Part three of this series is coming soon. 

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  • What different types of wellness programs exist 
  • How to organize a program that will help all members of 
    an agency 
  • How to get started with an essential peer support team, 
    even in smaller agencies
  • Where to find help with organizing Peer Support Programs

Getting Started

Also covered:

  • Set the foundation: survey the state of the agency and start a small wellness program
  • Develop internal agency values, find partners and leadership supporters
  • Showcase the benefits to individuals and the agency as a whole
  • Be prepared for the potential challenges and change management requirements

The second webinar in the series, Integrating Peer Support in the PSAP: Benefits and Challenges, provides more detailed information about the benefits and challenges of successfully developing and tailoring programs that provide critical support to public safety professionals. 

Benefits and Challenges

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Part 1

Part 2