GeoConex CAD

Next Generation 9-1-1 ready Computer Aided Dispatch

Improve incident responses in rural areas

Zetron’s GeoConex CAD is purpose-built to enable rural agencies to do more with less. Particularly well-suited for smaller agencies with limited resources, GeoConex CAD provides optimum dispatch performance, accuracy and reliability. An interoperable, plug-and-play solution, it streamlines workflows and reduces third party dependencies to lower costs and increase efficiency.

Zetron GeoConex CAD

Improve response times and workflows

NENA-compliant and standards-based, GeoConex CAD is easy to deploy and offers scalability for future growth and requirements. When lives are on the line, streamline your emergency response.

GeoConex CAD features

Technical support is always available to minimize downtime. All calls are answered within 15 minutes and 98% of tickets are solved remotely.

Integrates with third party vendors and other Zetron solutions. With over 40 pre-built connectors and new integrations released regularly, it’s a cornerstone for diverse technology ecosystems. GeoConex CAD includes modular CAD, AVL, mobile CAD, GIS, MIS and data modules – available as a comprehensive package or adhoc to accommodate specific needs.

The user interface is designed to be intuitive and flexible for individual preferences and to automate workflow processes. Screens, menus, layout, colors and more are all configurable per user.

Pair with a map viewer to automatically follow the calls selected in CAD, create and update incidents from the map. An ESRI-based mapping tool is available, allowing agencies without a GIS technician to create their own granular map layers.

Track incident status and run custom queries against historical records and easily export reports for resource management systems.

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