Land Mobile Radio Systems

Enabling uninterrupted, anywhere communications

Land Mobile Radio Systems

Zetron offers Land Mobile Radio (LMR) solutions built to support mission critical communications in any environment, terrain, elevation or geography where uninterrupted connectivity is required. Our critical communication solutions are built to Project 25 (P25) standards, including conventional and analog repeaters and base stations that provide interoperability across disparate radio systems and vendor technologies.

Zetron repeaters are at work around the world in the most remote locations. The exceptionally low current draw of our fixed systems enable them to operate exclusively on solar power and/or batteries. We also offer a wide variety of nimble transportable LMR products for on-the-fly coverage applications, whether to ensure cross-jurisdictional teams are connected while fighting a wildfire across rugged mountainous terrain, or to coordinate multi-agency communications during a densely populated major urban event.

Reliable communications are critical to helping save lives. Zetron’s LMR systems are designed for quality, durability, configurability and with little to no maintenance to meet the unique needs, circumstances, and environment applications of every customer.

A History of Reliability

Zetron’s LMR systems have been powering critical communications for over 80 years (originally by Daniel’s Electronics and then Codan Communications). While the names have changed, the industry leading radio communications have remained and evolved over time to maintain their unrivaled industry leadership in reliability, interoperability and quality in manufacturing. Our LMR systems are flexible, easily integrated with advanced control technology and support voting and simulcast applications.

Trusted, Industry Leading LMR Systems

When lives are at stake, you need to know your communications are going to be heard

Zetron offers high-quality LMR systems for when the mission is critical in support of public safety, remote land management, domestic security, and other commercial applications. Flexibility through customization, dedication to reliability and a commitment to open standards compliance all add up to extensive and uninterrupted communications when and where they’re needed most.

Zetron’s LMR systems are built with flexibility and customization in mind for each unique communications need. The MT-4E series centerpiece is modular, consisting of hot-swap capable RF and control modules. With its easy-to-arrange 19” rack-mount housing, the design allows for a multitude of different repeater and base station system configurations to suit any critical communications needs.

Modularity and customization are also key features of Zetron’s transportable LMR systems, including the ET-Series (ET-1, ET-3, ET-4) which utilize the MT-4E 19” rack system. This allows for quick replacement of components for service or reconfiguration. The ET-6 tactical repeater accommodates quick-swap duplexers for in-field channel modification.

In remote areas, reliable communications under challenging conditions is essential. The further from civilization, the less reliable power sources become. Industry leading specifications for current draw make the MT-4E Series ideal for DC-powered sites, particularly those in isolated areas relying on solar power. Zetron’s LMR transportable systems and equipment offer the same industry leading current draw specifications of the MT-4E series, ensuring in-field maintenance-free operation for extended periods to keep you connected.

In tense situations when lives are on the line, staying connected is essential. Zetron’s LMR systems follow a tradition of being designed with full compliance to industry standards, such as APCO P25 and various TIA published standards. This enables full interoperability with other P25 compliant third party products and networks.

With the power of P25 and LTE, Stratus systems and equipment integrates a VHF, UHF, or 700-800 MHz P25 repeater, Universal Interface Card (UIC) and LTE modem. It can also link instantaneously into established networks or creating a new communications network without requiring a hard-wired Ethernet connection.

When time is of the essence, Zetron’s LMR systems can be quickly deployed when and where you need it. The lightweight and transportable design of Stratus means multiple repeaters can be deployed at sites by simply locating the repeaters in the required coverage area and powering on. Stratus repeaters will automatically link over an LTE network, so getting connected is easy.

Privacy and security are often essential to mission critical communications. Zetron offers the ability to encrypt communications when managing a major event or any unique situation. Stratus provides double encryption with P25 AES and a highly secure VPN connection into the local area network, and all ET-Series repeaters support the transparent passing of AES-256 encrypted traffic. Encryption and decryption options are also available for base station operation.

From the tops of frozen mountains, to scorching deserts and wildfires, Zetron LMR systems are designed to withstand the most extreme environments. The MT-4E has proven itself in the field repeatedly, performing reliably in environmentally harsh conditions. Our ET-series of cases and transportable repeaters are also field-proven to be resilient against weather and operational stress. At the heart of every ET-series transportable is the genuine, infrastructure-grade MT-4E series equipment, which means higher performance and more robust functionality.

Our Suite of Land Mobile Radio Solutions

The MT-4E series is an LMR infrastructure platform delivering industry-leading reliability, flexibility and performance. Rugged and reliable, this series thrives in the most challenging of terrains. Its low-current draw means you can locate it at countless sites, from freezing mountain tops to scorching deserts across North America. Built with first responders in mind, these base stations and repeaters offer essential customization and interoperability for each unique mission-critical situation.

Cascade provides our trusted LMR infrastructure with next-generation IP-based features, built with the same reliability and performance our customers count on in their times of need. Zetron’s Cascade LMR repeater is software-defined, with built-in diagnostics, alarms and logging capability. Cascade is the perfect choice for affordable and scalable public safety radio systems.

Stratus offers a hybrid P25/LTE solution that leverages both technologies’ strengths in a transportable package to provide secure and mobile fixed voice networks. Built to last, we house Stratus in a durable and rapidly deployable case made for highly tactical situations and first response. Its interoperability, P25 network connectivity anywhere with cellular coverage ensures you are never isolated from the network.

The ET-Series provides tough, dependable, transportable communications infrastructure for every deployment situation. This wide range of portable base stations and repeaters features a variety of rugged and durable cases built for any mission-critical situation, from undercover tactical needs to harsh climates like wildfires and extreme weather. The ET-series is highly deployable and offers customization essential for the complex needs of first responders and public safety personnel.