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Key Ways COVID-19 is Reshaping the Emergency Communications Center Landscape

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What's Inside

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Rising Need for Mobile Capabilities
Many agencies are activating their backup centers and exploring ways to enable essential personnel to work remotely.
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Evolving Health & Safety Standards
Growing concerns for the health and safety of personnel are leading to big changes in the way communications centers look and feel.
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Renewed Calls for Alternative Funding
Without question, the push for Next Generation capabilities is gaining momentum at a far greater pace than anticipated.

Plus - The Evolving Role of Emergency Services Professionals

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Maintaining communications during the pandemic and beyond, along with navigating the uncertainty and ambiguities resulting from the public health crisis.

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NENA Report: Initial Impacts of COVID-19 on 9-1-1 Centers NENA Report: How 9-1-1 Is Changing in a COVID-19 World Report: SAFECOM Guidance on Emergency Communications Grants
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5 Ways COVID-19 is Reshaping Emergency Communications Centers

Historic changes are taking place at Emergency Communications Centers around the globe.
Learn about the key trends occurring as a result.