Zetron Factory Training

Zetron offers a diverse training program of technical and operation classes for our most complex systems. We provide MAX Solutions technical training on a regular schedule and support onsite and international training as requested.

Zetron Technical Training Course Schedule

Our Audience Drives Our Purpose

Whether we’re teaching technicians how to install, configure, and maintain our systems, or showing dispatchers, operators, or call-takers how to use our consoles and software tools, our goal is to ensure that trainees get the information they need to do their jobs.

Classes are kept small and utilize actual system equipment. Trainees receive plenty of hands-on experience with hardware and software configuration.

All classes are a combination of lecture and instructor-led demonstrations with plenty of exercises and hands-on practice along the way.

Each trainee receives copies of all training materials used in class, relevant product manuals, and a certificate of completion.

Of course, while we make every effort to deliver all scheduled classes, we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel classes at any time and to change instructors without notice. Zetron is not responsible for students’ travel or accommodation arrangements.

Signing Up For Factory Training Is Easy!

MAX Call Taking Technical Course DescriptionMAX Dispatch Technical Course Description

MAX Dispatch

Currently, all courses will be taught remotely until further notice. Dates and availability are subject to change. Submitting this form does not guarantee a class spot. 

Class Schedule

Courses are (2) days in duration, Monday - Tuesday, 7AM - 11AM Pacific.
Prerequisite: MAX Dispatch Technical Training Certification Course

MAX Call Taking

Courses are (5) days in duration, Monday - Friday, 7AM - 11AM Pacific.

Zetron is pleased to announce our new Remote Technical Training Certification Courses.

These instructor-led, remote courses continue Zetron’s traditional program of detailed, hands-on training. Trainees will remotely access real MAX systems located in our training facility, following along with the instructor to configure their own system from top-to-bottom.

MAX Fire Station Alerting

Courses are (5) days in duration, Monday - Friday, 7AM - 11AM Pacific.

August 2-6, 2021
Sept. 13-17, 2021
Oct. 4-8, 2021

For information about training at our offices in the U.K. or Australia, go to the Contacts section of the website to identify the appropriate sales contact.

MAX Dispatch Remote Course Calendar:

MAX Call Taking Remote Course Calendar:

July 26-30, 2021

MAX Fire Station Alerting Remote Course Calendar:

August 23-24, 2021

August 16-20 2021 FULL
Sept. 20-24, 2021