On-site Training

On-site training can occur at any location with functioning equipment. We have a minimum six-week lead-time to schedule onsite training, but the earlier we can add it to our calendar, the better.

Daily schedules for onsite classes vary depending on the needs of the trainees. Zetron’s trainers will work with you to adjust onsite daily start and end times around the trainees’ shifts and availability. We also customize the content to your system’s equipment and configuration. Generally classes onsite are shorter than those at the factory. Details are on the On-site Training Request form. Contact us to learn more.

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  1. Review the course descriptions to identify the class(es) in which you’re interested. Remember we’ll customize the content to suit your specific needs.
  2. Download and complete the On-site Training Request Form.
  3. Submit the form and payment information (details are on the form), attach it to an e-mail message, and FAX it to 425/820-7031.
  4. When we process your request, you’ll receive an initial e-mail confirmation with some additional questions to help us arrange the support you need.


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