Series 2000 Paging Terminals


Spec Sheet

The Zetron Series 2000 Paging Terminals are designed for the paging operator needing a flexible, modular approach to system operation, with the capacity to expand to a region wide or national network. The terminals are incrementally expandable in both capacity and options.

The Series 2000 paging operator can offer customers direct system access by analogue or digital telephone trunks or through an operator paging bureau. Direct telephone users are instructed through system operation with voice prompts, locally recorded by the system operator. PC and e-mail users have direct access through a server or dial-up modem.

The Series 2000 supports zoned (sequential) or synchronized (simulcast) transmitter networks over telephone, microwave or radio based circuits. For national or inter-regional paging, multiple terminals can be networked for increased subscriber capacity and coverage.Subscriber service in regions and across regions is controlled through the system management computer.

The Series 2000 can act as the hub of an integrated communications system and are suitable for the larger private paging system. The terminals are incrementally expandable in both capacity and options, so a system can start small and grow as required.

The terminals are available with advanced features such as PageSaver voice messaging. They connect with a wide range of PBX or PSTN equipment and can be integrated with security systems, monitoring and control systems, nurse call, product control, building management systems etc.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Operator paging from entry terminals
  • Customer recorded voice prompts for direct telephone access
  • Pulse/rotary telephone systems supported
  • Optional integrated voice messaging and mailbox available
  • Fully redundant configuration available with standby system controller
  • Zoned (sequential) or synchronized (simulcast) transmitter networks supported
  • Remote transmitters linked by telephone, microwave or radio links
  • Digital formats POCSAG (512, 1200, 2400) and RDS, Motorola FLEX™
  • Call logging and performance statistics
  • Optional alarm monitoring facility triggers pages in response to alarms
  • Network multiple terminals via TNPP for wide area or regional coverage
  • Networking capability by telephone circuit, radio link or satellite
  • PageSaver option (built-in voice messaging) provides per-customer insured paging, voice messaging with pager notification and internal call forwarding
  • Dial-Out TAP allows terminal to page through the PSTN and feed a numeric or alphanumeric page to another paging terminal

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