Model 827 MPT 1327 Trunking Controller


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M827 MSN Spec Sheet
M827 MSN Spec Sheet (Spanish)

The Model 827 MPT Trunking Controller is a uniquely flexible building block which forms the basis of a fully-featured MPT 1327 system infrastructure. The switchless architecture of the Model 827 means that systems as small as 1 or 2 channels can be expanded in a modular fashion into a wide area, multisite network.

In addition to full MPT functionality, a system built around the Model 827 also offers extensive telephone interconnect capabilities including user-recordable voice prompts. Use of distributed processing ensures a high degree of system resilience for both single and multisite networks, minimizing downtime in the event of base station or link failure.

Extensive subscriber management and call detail recording facilities are available and may be remotely accessed for configuration and diagnostics purposes. With a large number of systems operating worldwide, compatibility with a range of base station and mobile/portable equipment is assured.

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